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How to pass urine culture?

Vladimir Kulinich
Vladimir Kulinich
March 4, 2013
How to pass urine culture?

Sometimes people have to pass a urine test so that doctors can determine if a person is sick. About how to take urine culture, tell our article. To correctly and quickly pass this analysis, you will need:

  • Sterile container for urine (test tube or jar);
  • The direction of the doctor on bacteriological urine culture.

Urine for bacteriological culture should be collected in the morning. It is also permissible to do this during the day, provided that the urine is collected 2-3 hours after urination. In the case when you took antibiotics, it does not make sense to take the analysis, because the result will be untrue. The container (test tube or jar) must be opened for analysis immediately prior to collection because its sterility is impaired. Before collecting urine, it is necessary to thoroughly wash the external genital organs so that bacteria from the organs do not get into the collected urine.

For reliable analysis, an average portion of urine is needed. That is, the first portion needs to be drained, the middle one - to be collected in a special container, the last one - also to be drained into the toilet.Immediately after collecting urine, you need to carefully close the tube or jar with a lid. Do not touch the edges of this container. It remains only to carry the container to the laboratory. Now you know how to pass urine on sowing.


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