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How to tame a hamster?

Olga Izvekova
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How to tame a hamster?

If you bought a hamster and, bringing it home, you found out that the animal, instead of playing with you, clogs up in a corner, turns over and squeaks, do not be alarmed. He is afraid of you. So, you have to show a little patience, so that your pet starts to trust you.

Before you teach hamster, you should remember a few simple rules:

  1. Do not force the animal to do something - he must want it himself.
  2. Do not forget that hamsters are very fragile creatures. It is necessary to take them in hand very carefully and to prevent falling from a height.
  3. Do not wake the hamster. Engage with a hamster should only be when he is fully awake, and preferably at the same time in the evening.
  4. Before you play with your baby, wash your hands well, whatever they might smell like, otherwise the hamster might try them for a tooth.
  5. Never beat a hamster, as this will only complicate its further domestication.

How to tame a hamster to hands

  1. If you only brought the hamster home, do not disturb him. Let him settle down in a new place.Having become obese, the hamster will be more calm and easier to contact you.
  2. After a couple of days, take some kind of hamster treat - a piece of dried apricots or a nut, and, holding it with two fingers, offer it to your pet. If he does not want to take food, put it in a prominent place in the middle of the cage and remove your hand. The next day, offer a snack again. When the hamster eats the treat out of your hands, invite him to sniff your hand. Do not worry if he bites you - so he will know the world around us. Next time, offer him a piece of food, putting it on your palm. The hamster will have to climb on a palm to get a treat.
  3. In order to quickly teach hamster to hands, stroke the hamster on the back, when he eats on your palm. When he gets used to it, cover him with the second palm and slowly raise. If the hamster is no longer afraid, you can remove it from the cage.
  4. What would a hamster remember his name, during the game and feeding should repeat his nickname. Then over time, the hamster will respond to it. But in any case, do not speak too loudly and do not make sudden movements - this may scare your pet.

How to tame a Jungar hamster. Dzhungariki - the smallest and most mobile of hamsters. They are easy to tame, but in the process of taming should pay special attention to the fact that the hamster did not slip out of your hands and fell.

How to tame a Syrian hamster. These hamsters are much larger and less frisky. But they are harder to tame. Therefore, you will have to put in more effort and spend a little more time training it.


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