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How to tie a bracelet?

Nadezhda Manko
Nadezhda Manko
March 27, 2013
How to tie a bracelet?

The girl is manifested by her beauty, the image of which is able to emphasize some beautiful decoration. Necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets - all this gives brightness, fashion and elegance. So, for example, how wonderful bracelets look on a thin and elegant lady's hand. Another abundance of bracelets, usually associated with sea resorts, where they are sold in large quantities. But there is one nuance that should be taken into account - not all bracelets have special comfortable clasps. Therefore, it is necessary to learn the rules how to tie a bracelet.


It is best to tie a bracelet on a sliding knot, which can easily fix the bracelet on your hand, regardless of its size. For such a knot it is necessary that the cord be long enough, approximately 90 cm. Fold the cord in half and back away from the edges 10-15 cm. One end of the cord should be folded with an eyelet, and with the help of the other, make several turns on the eyelet. Next, this tail must be threaded into a loop. After that, sipping alternately, then one after the other end, tighten the knot.After you have learned how to tie a knot on a bracelet, it is no longer difficult to make a second one, since it is done in the same way. The second node is done at the second end of the cord. To do this, it is enough to make a couple of turns on it, again thread the end into the loop and tighten. For greater reliability, after the completion of the work, the ends of the cord can be glued. Then you will be assured of the reliability of your product.

Weaving knot

There is also a more simplified version of the sliding knot - it is a weaving knot. These two kinds of nodes are very similar and work the same. For tying the weaving knot, the ends of the cord must be placed parallel and towards each other. After which, at one end, a regular knot is tied. Only previously the second end needs to be rounded around. Further, the same is done with the second end. To finish the work, you need to tighten both knots. There is nothing difficult in how to tie a knot on a bracelet. With the help of a sliding knot or weaving we can forget about the problem of adjusting the width of the bracelets - because sometimes we just need it.


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