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How to tie a cape?

September 18, 2014
How to tie a cape?

Knitting is one of the most famous types of needlework, and many women today love to knit or want to master this applied art. In crochet crochet is considered one of the main elements. In this article, the process of its binding is analyzed in detail.

The correct position of the hands and hook

To master crochet, first of all remember the correct location of the hook, thread and hands during work:

  1. Arms should be bent in elbows.
  2. The hook is located in the leading hand (right for right-handers and left for left-handers).
  3. Take the hook with three fingers, its head should be directed at you.
  4. Flip the working thread through the index finger of his left hand (right - for left-handers). Hold the end of the thread with the rest of your fingers.

How to tie a double crochet

If you have already mastered knitting of air loops and single crochets, and also know how to connect chains of air loops into a ring, try to knit the column with a crochet:

  1. Tie a chain of 6-7 air loops.
  2. Connect them into a ring with a single crochet.
  3. Pass the hook under the working thread from the left-up - this will be nakid.
  4. Now put the head of the hook into the ring, grab the working thread from the right to the bottom and pull it through the ring.
  5. On the hook you should have 3 loops (stretched through the ring, nakid and the last of the column without nakida).
  6. Grab the left-up work loop and pull it through the first two loops on the hook.
  7. Grab the working thread again and pull it through the loops remaining on the hook.
  8. Thus you knit a single crochet.

To associate a column with two or more naquids, you need to repeat the third step as many times as the number of naquids you need. It is necessary to knit the loops located on the hook, also two by one, until you knit everything.

Additionally, you can read about crochet in our article - How to knit crochet column.

How to tie knitting needles

If you read the "nakid" in the scheme, it means there is a direct nakid, which is performed as follows:

  1. Thread the working needle into the next loop.
  2. Grab the thread with the needle from the bottom.
  3. Stretch it into the loop.

You got a nakid.


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