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How to tie a vest?

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How to tie a vest?

Knitting skills will always come in handy in life. With the help of an interesting lesson you can not only have a good time, but also replenish your wardrobe with unique things that no one else has. Unlike the clothes bought in the store, outfits created with their own hands, are completely fit, have the desired style and color. Take, for example, a vest, it is comfortable, stylish, quickly and easily executed. Create such a thing for everyone. Here are some ways to knit a vest for beginners.

How to tie a vest with knitting needles

Let us dwell on the female model, made using two knitting needles and a sufficiently thick wool yarn. This vest will be appropriate in the cold season and will fit different clothes. We will not use complicated knitting methods, but only the facial surface (it is necessary to alternate a row of facial, a row of purl) and kerchief (all rows are facial or purl). To tie a vest for a woman, you need:

  1. Dial the required number of loops for the back and perform the first 16 rows with a garter stitch.
  2. Continue the work of the front surface to armhole sleeves.
  3. For an armhole to close in each second row 4 loops, then 2 loops and one three times.
  4. The hangers are tied: in each second row, 3 loops should be closed, and at the end, two loops twice, at the desired height, all loops are closed.
  5. Before it is performed in the same way, only for the neck it is necessary to close the central loops and knit the hanger, closing 3 in each second rowvestloop, at the end of 5 loops twice.
  6. Small sleeves are knitted, having gathered 46 loops and using kerchief.
  7. After 16 rows, you need to close each second row through the loop seven times.
  8. Remove the loop in every second row to the desired length.
  9. It remains to tie the garter neck, typing loop in a circle and sew the details.

Knowing how to tie a vest on this principle, you can think of your own version, using different patterns and removing or adding details.

How to crochet a vest

Many interesting vests are crocheted, because not everyone loves knitting technique. Especially beautiful are obtained openwork things, both for adults and for children. A little daughter or granddaughter will surely be delighted at the new thing, bound specifically for her.So, how to tie a vest for a girl, almost without seams.

  1. Dial a chain of air loops. Their number should be a multiple of two. It is necessary to take into account that the back and two shelves knit in time, one cloth.
  2. The first row is knitted with double crochets in each air loop of the chain. At the beginning of each row should do 3 lifting loops. SecondvestRow: 3 lift loops, double crochet, air loop and again double crochet, skipping one loop of the previous row. It should make small squares. Repeat the 1st and 2nd rows to the armhole.
  3. The product is folded so as to get a back and two shelves.
  4. Dividing the loop into three parts, we begin to knit the shoulder for one of the front halves.
  5. We knit for the second part and for the back, leaving 2 squares on both sides for the armhole.
  6. We sew the shoulders, leaving the corners on the parts of the shelf free - it will be a collar. Armholes need to be tied with 3 rows of the same pattern, sew buttons in front. Children's vest ready.

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