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How to track the phone number?

Julia Martynyuk
Julia Martynyuk
April 30, 2013
How to track the phone number?

It is still possible to track the location of the mobile phone, and, consequently, its owner. This service is available thanks to special USSD commands. Today, in a large number of them provide the largest mobile operators. But it should be borne in mind that it is possible to make a search only on the condition that the person you are looking for will give his full consent to this. So, how to track mobile number? Let's consider.


Subscribers of the Beeline operator have the number 684, to which they can send an SMS message, which will contain the text "L". Or the number 06849924, which will need to call. Each request for any of these numbers will cost you 2 rubles 5 kopecks, or perhaps more, depending on your tariff plan. But the subscriber you are looking for must confirm and allow you to find it. The operator is associated with the subscriber and, through commands, he either allows you to find him or prohibits him.


In case you know the number of the MTS mobile subscriber, you can easily find it. Service became possible thanks to the function "Locator". Initially, you will need to send a request with the mobile phone number of the person you are searching for to short number 6677. If the person you are looking for sends your confirmation, the operator will have the right to inform you of his location. Sending this request will cost you about 10 or 15 rubles, depending on your tariff plan.


Megafon company, to search for a person by his mobile phone number, provides several simple and convenient numbers and services. Probably, there is nothing easier than to send a USSD request to the number * 148 * the number of the desired subscriber # (the number is specified in the international format, via +7). You can also call the number 0888, after which you will contact the operator and leave a request to search for the subscriber. In addition to all this, you have the opportunity to get information about the location of the subscriber directly on the site of the operator, which is located at locator.megafon.ru.

How can I track the phone number

After your application is received and processed by the mobile operator, you will receive a notification with the number of your mobile phone that you are looking for.And the owner of the phone himself already decides whether to allow you to track his location, or to prohibit. In order to still agree, the subscriber will need to send a text message to the number 000888, with your mobile phone number. Each such request in Megafon will cost you 5 rubles.

If you are served by any other mobile operator, learn how to track the phone number of another subscriber, you can visit the official website of your operator or call the call-center, where they will answer all your questions.


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