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How to transfer money from Tele2 to Tele2?

Evgeny Lukashenko
Evgeny Lukashenko
May 25, 2012
How to transfer money from Tele2 to Tele2?

Tele2 is a mobile operator. The operator is young, but he does his job efficiently, and in addition he likes to please his subscribers with all sorts of useful functions. An example of this is mobile translation. If you are interested in how to transfer money from another phone on Tele2, you are at.

A way to transfer money from Tele2 to Tele2

Let's see what this service is and how to use it, that is, how to transfer money to Tele2 from Tele2?

In order to transfer money from your account to someone else’s TELE2 account, you must send a short command * 145 * tutnomerbonent to the recipient * number of money #.

The number of the recipient of the transfer must be specified through the eight (8953 *******).

The amount to be transferred is indicated in rubles without kopecks.

If you want, for example, to transfer 300 rubles from Tele2 to Tele2, then it should look like this: * 145 * 89535391006 * 300 #

In case of a successful payment, you will receive an SMS message notifying you of the details of the operation (amount of transfer, recipient's number).

If the transfer is not completed, a message will appear with a description of the reasons for the refusal of the transfer.

You should pay attention to some great features of the function:

  • A service is provided to those who have deposited at least 100 rubles to their account during the entire existence of a sim card.
  • The balance on your account should exceed 20 rubles (after the transaction).
  • You can send no more than 600 rubles per day.
  • On 1 account - 1 transfer per day.
  • If you have activated a loan, they will refuse to transfer you.

If you suddenly forget how to make a transfer, dial the combination * 145 # The display of your mobile transfer service will be displayed on the display of your mobile.

You see, transferring money from Tele2 to Tele2 is not so difficult! By the way, you can send transfers not only to Tele2 users, but also to others. The information is not confirmed by the operator, but in some regions it is indeed possible and successfully practiced.


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