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How to treat dermatitis

Before you begin to treat dermatitis, you should limit the consumption of dairy products. Even if you are not allergic to dairy products, eliminating this product from the diet can help cleanse the skin. Exclude gluten from the diet. A gluten-free diet can in many cases be very helpful in treating this disease. Many people have allergic reactions to gluten, although they did not even know about it. Observing such a diet for six weeks reduces the appearance of inflammatory skin diseases. After the treatment, the products containing gluten should be gradually introduced into the diet. It also follows from the diet to exclude raw eggs, as they contain avidin (protein), which binds biotone - is very important for the skin and is needed for the treatment of hair and skin.
Dermatitis can be treated with vitamin E oil, Canadian yellow root and honey. This ointment promotes and accelerates the healing of diseased areas of the skin, as it perfectly moisturizes the inflamed areas.
You can also use dandelion tea for treatment, which will relieve unpleasant symptoms and provide the skin with the minerals and vitamins it needs.
Plantain Ointment. For the manufacture of this ointment, you need to take an equal amount of plantain juice, vaseline and carefully move it in a glass container. Give some time to insist. Then smear the affected skin with a thin layer once daily for one week.
Positive properties in the treatment has aloe. In case of prolonged dermatitis, it is necessary to apply freshly picked leaves of the plant or its juice on the inflamed areas of the skin cover. Such compresses should be carried out every day for 5 weeks. In the first days of use, the pain disappears, and after five weeks of treatment, full recovery occurs. This treatment restores sensitivity, hair growth and skin pigmentation. An additional treatment for such compresses is a mixture of aloe juice and honey. This mixture should be used for any skin diseases as an anti-inflammatory agent.


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