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How to treat incontinence?

Urinary incontinence is a very big problem that can occur in both women and men. This is a pathology that can manifest itself as a separate disease, as well as a complication that appeared in the background of some other disease. It is women who most often suffer from incontinence. Men get sick much more often. Let's consider in this article how to treat urinary incontinence, popular and drug treatment, as well as the manifestations of this disease in women and men.

The causes of the disease

Incontinence is caused by:

  • Infectious or inflammatory diseases of the urogenital system, which lead to a weakening of the tone of the muscles of the bladder, urethra. In women, the muscles may weaken due to pregnancy or childbirth. In men, due to surgery or treatment of the prostate.
  • Disorders in the urethral sphincter. It is caused by any abnormalities that have arisen due to a disruption in the work of the spinal cord or brain.
  • Hormonal, age-related changes.

Female incontinence treatment

To conduct treatment, a qualified neurologist with a urologist must.

  • Initially, the doctor must determine the cause of the disease, so the patient must remember and tell under what circumstances everything happens, which provokes incontinence.
  • Be sure to tell about all previous operations, injuries, diseases.
  • Take all tests prescribed by your doctor. They will help determine the presence or absence of inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system.
  • If the urologist concludes that incontinence is caused by a disruption of the spinal cord or brain, then a neurologist will also observe you.
  • The patient may be prescribed to eliminate the accompanying disease, drug treatment. Or the one that will lead to the normalization of the functions of the muscles of the bladder walls, laser therapy, ultrasound, physiotherapy, etc.
  • If urinary incontinence is associated with insufficiency of the urethral sphincter, then the patient needs surgery. A small incision is made, and a polypropylene mesh is installed through it. It serves as a support for the urethra.The procedure is performed under local anesthesia.

Urinary incontinence. Treatment in men

Let's first consider because of what, in men, incontinence occurs.

  • In men, urinary incontinence may occur during hormonal disruption in the body. In other words, when a man crossed the sixty-year boundary and moves towards old age. At this age, the prostate gland ceases to function normally, it grows and surrounds the bladder neck at the entrance of the urethra. Due to the poor passage of the canal, the urine does not have time to free itself and, as a result, the nerve endings of the bladder become very sensitive. Previously, they had the ability to respond to signals from a full bladder, and now they even react to a slight pressure that can occur when laughing or coughing.
  • The situation is worse with men who consume beer, spicy or fried foods and alcohol. All of these substances are classified as annoying. As a result, the prostate gland is too full of blood and there is excessive pressure on the urinary canal.
  • The disease can develop slowly and therefore many men do not go in the initial stages to the doctor. Some old people are even accustomed to incontinence.

Let us now consider how to treat incontinence.

  • First you need to contact your urologist. Keep in mind, the disease is not going anywhere, but will only progress.
  • If you want to solve the problem radically, you can remove the adenoma. But the last word should be your doctor.
  • After surgery, the doctor prescribes a course of taking pills, which should stop the development of urinary tract infection.
  • Regularly observe a urologist and perform a special set of exercises that aims to strengthen the muscles.

Folk medicine against urinary incontinence

Let's try in this section to find out how effective the national treatment is. Urinary incontinence can be a constant phenomenon, and, mainly, nocturnal.

Recommendations of specialists

  • Do not drink a lot of fluids.
  • Do not drink alcohol, diuretics, caffeine.
  • Eat natural foods with fiber.
  • Do not smoke.
  • If you are obese, then be sure to lose weight.
  • Do not let the bladder overflow.Visit the toilet often.
  • Set a certain time to visit the toilet.

Folk remedies

  1. Brew one tablespoon of dill seeds, a glass of boiling water. Let it stand for two or three hours and drink.
  2. Brew a handful of flyworm leaves, fill them with a glass of boiled water, and keep on the fire for about fifty minutes. Take a bath with this broth.
  3. Imagine, mentally, lying on the couch, the entire urogenital system, kidneys, ureters, bladder. Try to mentally feel how the fluid fills your bladder. And at the moment of overflow, bring up the ringing alarm clock to your ear. Let this sound be a signal to you, meaning that it's time to go to the toilet. This is a very effective method.
  4. The centaury and St. John's wort help very well against incontinence. Take an equal amount of herbs and brew. Use instead of tea.
  5. Do not eat watermelon, grapes, asparagus, celery.
  6. Do special exercises for the bladder. During the process of urination, try using certain muscles to stop the flow of urine. Then continue the process. Repeat the procedure several times.

You should know that traditional medicine is not able to completely cure the disease. With its help, you can only slightly reduce the inflammatory processes. Remember that a qualified and complete treatment must be prescribed by a doctor. If you have symptoms that indicate urinary incontinence, make an appointment with a urologist as soon as possible. Just go through all the possible procedures, you will fully recover and heal a normal, full life. Now you know how to treat urinary incontinence in men and women. As well as methods for its prevention and prevention. Be healthy.


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