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How to treat sore throat?

Elena Alekseeva
Elena Alekseeva
January 27, 2015
How to treat sore throat?

There are many reasons for the appearance of sore throat, some of them require a visit to a doctor and serious treatment. However, if the sore throat is not accompanied by fever and other disturbing symptoms, you can try to cure it yourself.The article below describes traditional medications and traditional methods of dealing with sore throat.

How to remove a sore throat with the help of folk remedies

If you do not want to drink "any chemistry" once again, you can try the well-known folk methods in the fight against sore throat. A good and effective remedy is simple rinsing. Most often used for this soda. But this should be done quite often. But the result will be a reduction in pain. You can also gargle with a decoction of such healing herbs as calendula, wormwood, mint, and plantain. By the way, inhalations are not worse, you just need not be lazy to brew herbs and breathe them. The main thing is not to overdo it with inhalation, as the broth should cool to about 80 degrees,otherwise, burns will also have to be treated.

Drinking plenty of fluids is a must for the common cold. In the treatment of sore throat, you can drink brewed raspberry leaves, tea with honey and lemon.

How to treat sore throat with traditional methods

Traditional methods are well known to all. This includes all kinds of lozenges and lozenges, such as Faringosept, Lizobact and many others. It is important to combine several methods in the treatment, so you will speed recovery. For example, to treat a throat, doctors often prescribe a patient to lubricate the throat with Lugol’s solution, the procedure is not as pleasant as resorption of candies, but is more effective. Also pay attention to the sprays, they often replace rinsing.

In general, sore throat is easier to prevent than to cure. To do this, avoid too cold food and drinks, even in the heat, and try not to catch cold.


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