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How to treat the chest?

The mammary gland is the hallmark of the female. The main function of the female breast is feeding newborns. Therefore, when there are pathological processes or diseases of the breast, you should immediately consult a doctor. Since it is not enough that a woman will suffer from discomfort and pain in her chest, her illness can adversely affect the health of the woman herself. Today we look at the main diseases of the breast and how to treat them.

So, how to treat the chest? First, for any changes in the chest, or pain in it, an urgent need to consult a doctor. Well, and, secondly, you need to undergo a routine examination of the breast, at least once a year. Consider the common diseases of the breast, and most importantly - the methods of their treatment. Let's start with the treatment of thrush. Cases of nursing mothers will also be included in the list of treatments.

Treatment for thrush

  • Before starting treatment of thrush it is necessary to completely exclude other diseases of the breast, which also give nipple soreness.
  • It is necessary to feed the baby more often, but for a shorter time. Cool the nipples with a cool towel before feeding. If you no longer feed because of pain, you can express the milk and feed the baby from a syringe until the pain subsides.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water before any procedures.
  • You need 3-4 times a day to drink green tea, which cleanses the body of excess yeast.
  • Also, if you are interested in the question of how to treat chest pain with thrush, which is sometimes unbearable when feeding, ask the doctor, and he will prescribe you a bipanten-type ointment that will be able to numb the breast a little.
  • Exclude from your diet foods that contain a lot of sugar or the same yeast. This wine, beer, sweet drinks, desserts, bread. You need to take lacto and bifidobacteria, which contribute to the growth of friendly bacteria that will help you recover quickly.
  • Treat nipples can be started with a solution of 6% vinegar, a teaspoon of which is diluted into a glass of water. Wash your nipples with this solution after feeding. But such treatment is ineffective.
  • Start using antifungal creams or ointments as prescribed by your doctor.
  • If the pain is severe, apply lanolin ointment after feeding. The ointment is absorbed quickly and does not need to be constantly washed before feeding. You can just wipe off with a wet towel.
  • Do not wear pads for breasts, nipples should be kept dry.
  • If, in addition to thrush breast, you also have a vaginal yeast infection, be sure to consult with the gynecologist. It is worth refusing to wear synthetic underwear. Instead, he needs to wear only cotton underwear.
  • How and what to treat thrush breast will tell you only your doctor.

Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast cancer treatment can be divided into several types:

  • Surgical treatment is the main method. In the early stages of cancer, you can get by with only one operation. If the tumor is too large, or there is the presence of metastases, it is additionally necessary to use chemo and radiotherapy. Surgical intervention involves a breast resection or a mastectomy.
  • Breast resection - is used when the tumor size is not more than 3 centimeters, the tumor is located in the upper-outer part of the breast, and also if there are no lymph node metastases and the size of the breast allows the procedure.Resection is almost always combined with radiotherapy.
  • Mastectomy - This is a complete removal of the breast, at the site of which, an endoprosthesis from the patient's tissues is usually implanted, with a silicone implant.


Chemotherapy is divided into the use of hormonal and antihormonal drugs whose actions are aimed at:

  • Lowering the level of estrogen that is formed in the ovaries.
  • Lowering the level of estrogen, which are formed in the adrenal glands.
  • Blocking receptors for estrogen and progesterone, the female hormone.
  • Suppression of female sex hormones due to the introduction of progesterone - the male sex hormone.

Radiotherapy - the use of radiation therapy makes it possible to deactivate cancer cells and prevent their reproduction. The question of how to treat breast cancer is quite individual and complex. For each patient, their own methods are selected, with a set of their drugs, depending on the stage of the cancer and the condition of the patient.

Diaper Rash Treatment

  • Typically, breast diaper rash is treated with zinc ointment, well boiled sunflower, olive or sea buckthorn oil, in which, according to some recipes, you can add crushed yolk.Many herbs are also used, such as chamomile, calendula, oak bark, sage. They have a pronounced antiseptic properties, and besides, they are very easy to get at the pharmacy. In the treatment of diaper rash, a place that is damaged should be left more in the air so that the moisture can completely evaporate from the surface of the skin.
  • To eliminate diaper rash from allergies, you need to identify the allergenic product and remove it from your diet.
  • When you choose underwear, preference should be given to natural fabrics that will not only absorb sweat, but also create natural ventilation of the skin.
  • Frequent exposure to air and rinsing with herbs give good results in the treatment of diaper rash.
  • If the case of diaper rash has reached a serious scale, then you will need to find out from your doctor, who will already draw conclusions and tests, than to treat diaper rash under the breast, then write out a certain ointment or cream.

Treatment of cysts

  • First you need to go to an appointment with a mammologist or an oncologist who will do all the necessary tests and based on them will prescribe a treatment.
  • To know how to treat a cyst in the chest, you need a good experience, so it is better to go for an appointment only to proven specialists.
  • As a rule, conservative treatment is prescribed first, in which the gland is punctured. With the help of a special needle, they pump out the fluid from which the cyst consists. After that, air is introduced that promotes normal cell growth.
  • Breast surgery is performed only in advanced stages, provided that conservative treatment does not give positive results.
  • After any procedures, take medication prescribed by a doctor to prevent recurrence of a cyst.

How to treat breast tightness

As a rule, breast lumps indicate breast cancer or breast cysts, the treatment of which we have already described above, or this process is associated with milk stagnation during feeding. Seal treatment is fairly straightforward. It is just necessary through pain to gently express excess milk. In any case, no matter how painful it is, express all that is superfluous until the breast is soft. In order not to damage the skin, you can use cream or oil. It is better to suffer a little, than to treat breast mastitis.How to treat breast feeding, you can always ask your gynecologist on duty, who took you during pregnancy. He will tell you what and how best to do, depending on your situation. And some tips:

  • Drink less liquid during lactostasis, because it contributes to greater milk production.
  • To improve the condition of pumping, a broken cabbage leaf can be attached to the affected breast.

Never self-medicate! When the chest hurts, than to treat, and how to treat, only a doctor can tell you. Self-medication may have undesirable consequences.


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