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How to turn the napkins

You will need
  • - napkins;
  • - knitting needle;
  • - thread.
First you need to pick up a large double-layer napkin. You can also use the usual napkin. It needs to be cut into 16 identical squares. To do this, simply fold it into 4 pieces and once again into 4 pieces. Cut the resulting square on the edge. Also prepare a thin knitting needle in advance. Its thickness should be no more than 1.8 mm. You can use other knitting needles, just note that the thickness of the tube depends on the diameter, which eventually turns out.
Then you can start winding up.napkinsaround the needles. Leave about 3 cm under-twisted. At this point, pay special attention, because if you leave less, the flower will be quite difficult to hold. After that, squeeze the napkin. Do this carefully so as not to tear it.
On one rose, you need from 3 to 7 petals. Begin to twist "snail". Leave the tail. Fold down and make a "stalk." It is necessary to crush it a little, that is, to twist it a little. Then take the next petal and also bend the tail.It is necessary to start from the place where the previous petal ended. No need to strongly pull the petal. Leave the tail and bend it to the stalk.
The third petal is done similarly. You need to start from the place where the second one ended. Again, the tail must be bent to the stalk. Bend the petal arc. As a result, we have a rosette of three petals. Hold her by the stalk tightly. Similarly, the remaining seven petals are made.
So, the rose is ready. Cut the tail as you need. Be sure to tie. An ordinary thread is suitable for this purpose. Roses can be made from anynapkins. The easiest way to use for this purpose is ordinary, single-layernapkins. The tube, which of them is made, is well corrugated.

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