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How to upload to iPhone?

Many owners of Apple's great smartphones do not know how to download information from a computer to them. This is not surprising, because if you simply connect your iPhone via USB, you will not be able to upload a single file onto it. Before downloading videos to iPhone (as well as music files), you need to install iTunes. When iTunes is installed on your computer, you can connect your smartphone via USB.

Now, if you open iTunes, the connected phone will appear in the Devices group. Select it with a mouse click and either create a new playlist (this is done using File -> New playlist), or open an existing one on the device. Now you can add audio or video files to this playlist. To do this, simply drag them to the playlist window. When files are completely copied, you can disconnect the device from the computer and play these files on the iPhone.

How to download iTunes on iPhone? This is done very simply. This software is free and can be downloaded from the Apple website.

Application Installation

A smartphone would not be a smartphone if it could only scroll through music and video.A huge number of useful and interesting applications that you can run on it, make the iPhone really "smart" phone. So further we will explain how to download (iPhone 4 supports downloading them directly from the Internet) applications from the global network to your device. For example, you can easily download games to your smartphone or download music. You can read more about this in the following articles: “How to install games on iPhone?” And “How to download music on iPhone?”.


The easiest way to download is using the AppStore virtual online store. This resource contains hundreds of thousands of applications: games, music programs, educational software, dictionaries, etc. - 20 different categories. Many of the programs are available for free.

The AppStore application (necessary for working with the eponymous store) is installed on the iPhone and iPad by default. To work with him you only need to register. Run the AppStore and click "Create Apple ID". Choose your country, then choose payment information. If you are not going to pay by credit card, then feel free to choose "No". Now we specify personal information (e-mail, phone, etc.). To complete the registration, open the mailbox and click on the activation link that will be sent to you immediately after filling out all the forms.

Now you can view the applications available to visitors of this resource and search for them using filters or charts. (By the way, there are lists of popular applications for various categories, with charts being kept separately for paid and free applications). You can download and install the like free app on your smartphone. The download time, of course, depends on the speed of the Internet, as well as the size of the downloaded program. Download progress is displayed using a fill bar, which is visible under the application icon.

Hacking firmware

Many owners of iPhones use special programs that allow you to download applications to your smartphone directly from your computer. Official programs to perform such manipulations, Apple is not developing. Therefore, using only official software, you can only throw off multimedia files on your phone using iTunes. Applications can only be downloaded via the AppStore. However, an application was developed that allows you to download and install * .ipa-files (iPhone application files) via a computer. This application is called Cydia (from the Latin term Cydia pomonella - the name of the caterpillar that affects apples, "apple worm").

The owner of the iPhone can download from any site (and there are a lot of such sites) the application in the * .ipa format and, using Cydia, install it on an iPhone that is connected via USB. This is done in about the same way as downloading music and movies through iTunes. At the same time, on the Internet you can find in the free access applications that are distributed for a fee through the AppStore, or applications that are not yet in the company store.

A nuance when using Cydia is the need to hack the device before downloading to the iPhone the application downloaded from the Internet to the computer. The hacking operation is called jailbreak. Of course, officially such an operation is not supported by Apple. However, tools for a dzheilbake produced by hackers and are freely available. For example, iOS 6 hacked using the program Evasi0n. The fifth version of the OS cracked utility Absinthe. Both programs have official websites, where they can be downloaded for free.

It should be remembered that all applications on the AppStore are checked for security. Applications installed via Cydia can theoretically be used to steal your personal information. However, gamers are usually not scared.Therefore, Cydia is the most popular file manager for Apple devices. If you keep important business information on your phone, it is better to refrain from hacking the smartphone.


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