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How to use acrylic powder

Acrylic when mixed with a liquid quickly thickens and hardens. Manicure specialists initially took material intended for dental practice.


For acrylic nail extensions, acrylic powder is used. Such powder is developed taking into account the latest achievements in the field of acrylic design.


Acrylic powder is a powder with a high polymerization rate. You will learn how to use acrylic powder for toning, french, building and design, modeling. Acrylic powder for nail design allows you to create a unique and amazing manicure. And this is exactly what every woman seeks: to cause admiration and surprise!


When choosing acrylic powder, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to its working properties, so that the process of its application is as simple as possible. High-quality acrylic powder does not spread, fits tightly to the nails, is easy to process and sawdust, is not susceptible to crystallization, such powder should have a porous structure that allows oxygen to access natural nails.Nails that are scaled up with high-quality powder do not break, have increased plasticity, and are not subject to flaking.


An interesting site will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of acrylic technology.


Advantages of acrylic technology


If the acrylic is of high quality, then the nm can not contain highly toxic components (such as methyl methacrylate), which make the nails weak and sensitive to external influences. Modern acrylic materials contain ethyl methacryl.


With a more natural and thin appearance, acrylic nails have great strength. Such nails can be successfully used by women whose activities are associated with an increased risk of injury to the nails. Acrylic nails are not subject to temperature changes and bends. They do not disturb the shape of the natural nail. Removal of nails built up with the help of acrylic powder will be easy: you need to dip them in a special liquid and they will dissolve without a trace. Acrylic nails allow you to vary the design. A volumetric design is possible only on acrylic nails.


The disadvantages of acrylic



Acrylic extensions are not recommended for more than three weeks. In addition, getting acquainted with how to use acrylic powder, pay attention to the fact that acrylic requires special treatment: it is necessary to file and grind only in a special way.


Dust from acrylic nail files has a very strong odor, which can cause an allergic reaction. The smell of acrylic can be remembered by the "aroma", which is in the dental office during the drilling of teeth.


The disadvantages include intolerance to acrylic nail ordinary nail polish remover with acetone. At the same time, the nail loses its luster, which can be restored with a polishing file or transparent varnish. Some women fear that the smell of acrylic, which is felt during the procedure of extension, will continue. But this is absolutely not the case.


For building acrylic there are several limitations:


It should be borne in mind that in the presence of fungal nail diseases, acrylic nails are contraindicated, because a greenhouse effect is created between the extended and natural nails, which exacerbates the course of the disease.


Also contraindications are diseases such as herpes, diabetes, intestinal diseases and hormonal disorders.


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