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How to use eyeliner

Women's eyes are like a bottomless well of charm, boundless sea of ​​charm and full of mysteries and secrets that everyone wants so much to solve. Therefore, their makeup should not be provocative, but attracting, not careless, but extremely neat and performed extremely carefully. Shade the natural beauty and emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes can eyeliner. Neat eyeliner requires certain skills. She is the result of experience. Below is a log of helpful tips:


How to use eyeliner correctly



If you have not yet used eyeliner, we recommend choosing one of the products with a rigid pointed brush or in the form of a felt-tip pen. The contour will be smoother and eyeliner does not fall into the eyes. Having filled your hand, you will be able to appreciate the advantages of a soft brush, which allows you to change the thickness of the contour with delicate pressure without interrupting the line. But, despite the relative complexity of the application, eyeliner is used very widely.Nevertheless, some ladies, especially blondes, are better off refusing to use this cosmetic. It all depends on the overall makeup and features of the face.


Choosing an eyeliner, be sure to focus on the color of the eyes, hair and skin. Some advise making an eyeliner to match the dress. Also considered to be a spectacular eyeliner, coinciding in color with eye shadow. The easiest way to use eyeliner-pencil, but liquid and creamy eyeliners are very popular. They are available in both water and alcohol-based. The difference is in stamina. Liners "on alcohol" waterproof. It is common for vials with liquid liner to have a thin brush embedded in the cap.


As a rule, by drawing draw "arrows" or outline the contour of the eyes. In the latter case, a thin eyeliner allocate the line of growth of eyelashes. This allows you to emphasize their density, to focus on the eyes, without losing the natural makeup. Important! Do make-up on the rested eyes or pre-destroy the signs of fatigue. Otherwise, instead of the "beautiful maiden" get "demonic fury."


In order to "feel" how to properly use eyeliner, we advise you to practice on the back of your hand.Place your elbow with the eyeliner on the table and, by changing the pressure on the brush, achieve a drawing of the desired thickness on the second hand. At the same time, you will visually see the color saturation of the future liner. Now eyes. Do not deprive the elbow stop and draw a contour line to the outer corner. You can draw a line with individual strokes, the main thing is to avoid “clumsiness”. Sometimes to give the look of ease it is advised to slightly contour the contour line.


Compared to a pencil, liquid podvodka is good in that it allows you to make lines of minimum thickness and holds better. For easier application of liquid eyeliner, you can pre-outline the eye contour with a pencil. Most often, the eyeliner line is made of the same width, but it can expand as it approaches the outside, break off there, or taper at the end of the arrow. There are many options. And every year make-up artists come up with new ones, unfortunately, not all of them are applicable in everyday life.


Next in line is the lower eyelid. Take a lighter tone and draw a contour from the outer corner to the center. It is advisable to line the eyeliner somewhere there and finish or even limit the underlining of the corner.Liquid eyeliner on the contour of the lower eyelid - not the best option. There is enough pencil.


In order to understand how to properly use eyeliner and learn it you need only practice. The hardness of the hand and the clarity of the lines come with experience. Dare, and you will succeed.


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