Halo 5 Guardians - Weapon Guide with TIPS

How to Use Halo Weapon Tactics


Assault Rifle

The Assault Rifle is, to most people, relatively worthless and under-powered. The truth is it's really not and you are about to learn why that is with some proven tactics.

  1. Use the Assault Rifle at short to mid range.
  2. Drain the enemy's shields.When an enemy comes rushing up to you just unload your assault rifle's magazine on him/her. This will lower their shields and create enough damage to your opponent for your kill shot.
    • Quickly change to your secondary weapon and finish the kill.
    • Strike your opponent when their shield and health is down. It only takes onemeleestrike from your weapon to kill most opponents.
  3. Go up to your enemy and melee them which will lower their shields.After that just shoot them. It only takes about roughly 23-27 bullets to kills a Spartan with full shields, and about 13-20 bullets to kill one with their shields down.
  4. Shoot in short controlled bursts (3 rounds).If you are shooting from medium range with the Assault Rifle shoot in short bursts. It will kept recoil to a minimum while retaining accuracy and saving your ammo.

DMR (Designated Marksmen Rifle)

The DMR to most people is their weapon of choice. And also to other people "Over Powered" and a "Vehicle Killer".

  1. Zoom in and scan the area around you for enemies to shoot at.
  2. Shoot the enemy when someone is charging at you.More than likely if your enemy does not have a DMR then you have the advantage in most cases because the DMR only takes five shoots to kill a Spartan III and six to kill an Elite (assuming the last shot was a headshot). Just unload until his/her shields are down and get the headshot.
  3. Zoom in and take a look around if you see an enemy at medium to long range.Then start shooting them. Pace your shots. Wait 1 second after each shot to let your reticle reset then shoot again and again until there shields are down.

Rocket Launcher

The Rocket Launcher is considered by many Halo fans to be the most powerful weapon in the game. Here are some tactics to master this weapon of destruction.

  1. Shoot the enemy if you see him and he is close to you.
  2. Pull out your rocket launcher and wait until the reticle turns red.When it does wait a few more seconds and then a diamond/square shape box will appear that means you are locked on. When this happens, shoot a single rocket (as it only requires one to kill). Then, if you're unsuccessful, keep the target locked on and fire again.

Plasma Pistol

The Plasma Pistol one of the weakest weapons in the game.

  1. Overcharge the pistol and then shoot it at an enemy.This will drain their shields and in return, if you have a DMR or a pistol, an easy head shot. Or if you don't have any of these weapons then you could use any weapon to easily kill your enemy.

Grenade Launcher

The Grenade Launcher is one of the new weapons to the Halo series. Making its first appearance in "Halo: Reach". In this section we will look at the two firing methods of this all mighty Grenade Launcher.

  1. Shoot your weapon, making sure to lead the target.If they are moving, aim up to account for the drop.
    • Note: The grenade will bounce and could come back and end up hurting or killing you.
    • Becoming extremely accurate with this gun while using this basic fire mode will make you deadly as the Grenade Launcher is available on a large percentage of the maps, and is a starting weapon for Stage 3 Invasion.
  2. Hold in your firing trigger.This allows you to be in a hiding place and shoot your Grenade Launcher. When someone comes close to your grenade, just release the firing button and you either have a kill or have injured your opponent. The Grenade Launcher also releases an EMP with this method, disabling vehicles temporarily to allow to to run away or board/destroy.

Plasma Repeater

The Plasma Repeater is abigger,badderversion of the "Plasma Rifle". With a few noticeable differences. First being that the Plasma Repeater does not overheat. Second being that as it Plasma Repeater starts to heat up its rate of fire slows down which in return makes it more accurate. And third the Plasma Repeater's overheat waste can be vented unlike the plasma rifle.

  1. Shoot in short controlled burst when you are shooting the plasma repeater.Not only will that reduce the amount of waste the Plasma Repeater builds up but will also make your shoots that more deadly. In terms of damage per bullet, the Plasma Repeater takes exactly 18 direct hits to kill, identical to the AR.
    • NotePlasma does not work well on unshielded enemies.

Sniper Rifle

The Sniper Rifle is truly one of the most strongest weapons in the "Halo" series: if in the right hands. Pretty much one shot to the head your dead, two shots to the body, you're dead.

  1. Practice offline with friends locally before you pick up a sniper rifle.This will allow you to get a feeling of how to use the sniper rifle. So if you see a sniper rifle laying on the ground in multiplayer match making let a more experienced person with this weapon have it!
  2. Try to go for the headshot.
  3. Use Sniper Rifle as a last-ditch defense against vehicles.
    • Note: This is not recommended as it is a waste of ammo and takes many hits to destroy a vehicle.


The Magnum is now again one of the more stronger weapons in the "Halo" series. Thanks to 343I doing a new title update for "Halo Reach" they made it a-lot more similar to the "Halo CE version of the pistol.

  1. Use any other weapon for an example.Use your Assault Rifle and shoot at your enemy until their shields are down and pull out your pistol and shoot them in the head and you have a kill.
  2. Time your shots.Making sure for the reticle doesn't not expand. It will take 5 shots to kill (4 to take down shields, last one for the unshielded head).


Oh my - the Needler, what would we do without you? The Needler is by far one of the most favorite weapons in the Halo fan base. Also a major powerhouse weapon.

  1. Shoot all your needles into your enemy's body.This will allow you to do a super-combine explosion when there shields are all way down. Make sure to lead the target if they are moving as the Needler's homing ability is not sufficient to take down a sprinting enemy.

Needler Rifle

The Needler Rifle is a lot like the Needler when it comes to the effects of the rifle. Also it is the counterpart to the "UNSC" DMR.

  1. Shoot your enemy when his shields fall.Shoot him/her in the body three times and the result will be asuper combineexplosion.
  2. Shoot them in the head.When you get your enemy's shields down you can just try a headshot.
  3. Hold fire down.In "Title-Updated" gametypes holding fire down will cause the Needler to fire much faster and will not loose any accuracy if you are stationary.


By far one of the most strongest weapons up close and the one you should be using.

  1. Shoot your enemy up close.You don't need skill to use this weapon ether just shoot the enemy when they are close to you, and in about 1 to 3 shots you got yourself an easy kill.
    • Be that aware veteran Halo players are good at countering a shotgun.

Plasma Launcher

The Plasma Launcher is a fantastic weapon by all means! A lot of people hate this weapon after the beta was done because Bungie reduced the power of this weapon.

  1. Lock on to anyone as your are about to die.You only need to shoot one Plasma Launcher round to kill a Spartan or Elite. So shoot only as you are about to die. So that way not only did they kill you but you also killed them and you got a "Kill From The Grave Metal".
  2. Lock on to vehicles.Plus it homes in on your target so lock on to any vehicle and wait until all four shots are charged up then shoot it will home in on your target (this goes for players too).
    • Note: If an enemy goes behind a wall most likely your charges will miss.

Energy Sword

The Energy Sword is considered the most powerful of the two melee weapons in the game.

  1. Pick it up.Pretty much you always want to kept this weapon away unless you are trying to kill someone. Having your Energy Sword out actually gives out light which can sometimes give you away.
  2. Be a ninja.
    • Have Active Camo as your ability.
    • Have an Energy Sword ready.
    • When you see a red dot on your radar turn on your Active Camo and when your opponent gets close to you "slash" he's dead. Or you could go for an assassination by going behind them. This will prompt a special assassination animation exclusive to a Spartan holding an Energy Sword.


The Spiker is a brute exclusive weapon. It is rarely ever seen in "Halo Reach" multiplayer.

  1. Shoot fully automatic with this weapon.It will quickly lower your enemy's shields and finish them off quickly.

Spartan Laser

The Spartan Laser was introduced in "Halo 3". This weapon is the most powerful gun in the Halo games: One shot with this weapon and a Warthog is destroyed, whereas a rocket launcher takes multi rockets.

  1. Find one.It is extremely hard to find a Spartan Laser in most multiplayer.
  2. Stay quite a bit from your target.It takes about a good 3.5 to 5 seconds to charge up your shots.
  3. Try to take out vehicles more then players.This is to help your ground troops out from oncoming vehicles (this applies to campaign also).

Video: Tactical Magnum - Ultra Rare Weapon Showcase - Halo 5 Guardians

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