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How to use the echo sounder?

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How to use the echo sounder?

Sounder is a very useful thing for any fisherman. But most of them do not know how to properly use the echo sounder, thinking that it is intended only to search for fish. But, nevertheless, modern models are able to measure the depth, determine the structure of the bottom, as well as explore the condition of the bottom and water. These features greatly increase the chances of a rich catch. Let's look at each separately.

Depth measurement and bottom structure determination

Depth measurement is the most important function of the echo sounder, because it allows you to determine how promising the chosen location is for fishing. It is worth noting that it is highly accurate. After obtaining data on the depth of the reservoir, you should know the structure of the bottom. On the echo sounder screen you can see a clear image of the bottom, down to the stones and pits.

However, in order to correctly interpret what is seen on the screen, it is worth knowing that the instrument beam reflects events, given the time scale.In other words, what a person sees on the screen is just a temporary projection. Since the signal of the echo sounder beam takes time to reach the bottom of the reservoir and, reflected from it, reflect the received information to the top. Closer to the left screen of the instrument is an event that occurred later. Thus, the picture on the screen is formed from a set of events that occur in the field of the sonar beam. As a result, the device draws a thermocline, a bottom relief, and a display of objects in water. It is worth noting that the clarity of the image affects the screen resolution. Therefore, at low resolution, it will be impossible to consider fine details, since they will be oiled. While with a large screen resolution, you can even see small objects, besides this large display can be divided into several windows, which allows you to view additional information. And if you get yourself a color echo sounder, you can see a more detailed picture of the bottom. However, they are more expensive, and if you do not know how to use the echo sounder, you should start with a cheaper model.

The study of the state of the water and the bottom

The echo sounder allows to obtain data on the state of water, its temperature and density of the bottom. To determine the temperature, special sensors are used, which are often supplied separately, and can be combined with the main sonar sensor. The condition and density of the bottom is determined by the signal of the echo sounder beam. For example, if a signal is reflected from a muddy bottom, then it will be more diffuse than that reflected from a hard surface. And on the screen the muddy bottom will look blurry and fuzzy. While the bottom is hard, it will display a rich dark color. Also, in order for the device to display information about the structure and depth of the bottom, it is necessary that the sensor be in motion. However, the boat should not move faster than 60 km / h. Only in this case it is possible to achieve correct display of data on the display.

Fish search

It should be noted that the function of searching for fish is of secondary importance, since a fisherman can easily determine its presence on the basis of data from water temperature, structure and depth of the bottom. The fish will be shown on the screen of the device only if it hit the center of the beam. Also, do not rely on this data, because while the device displays it on the display, it takes time, for which it may well be in another place, especially if you are sailing on a boat.In order for the echo sounder data to be more accurate, its sensitivity and screen scrolling speed should be adjusted, which should be the same. Even if this can be done, then the probability that in the place displayed on the screen, there is a fish will be 80%. Sometimes it happens that the symbol "fish" is represented by a snag or some other object. It is often difficult to find a single fish with this device, but if a school of fish is displayed on the screen, then these data are almost always correct, usually a cluster of large fish is reflected on the screen by a dark stripe.

Many do not know how to use the echo sounder in the winter, but in the meantime it helps a lot in winter fishing. However, it will be necessary to connect another sensor to it, thanks to which it will be possible to view the bottom through the ice. But the device will work correctly if the ice does not have air bubbles. Due to the fact that when the sensor is lowered into the well, its movement is restricted and, as a result, the opportunity to see many details of the bottom structure is lost.

Now you know how to use the echo sounder. Videos can also be viewed in the event that you don’t understand the details of using the device.


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