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How to wash your nose?

Who among us at least once did not suffer with a clogged nose? When to breathe it or very hard, or even impossible.

It turns out there is a very simple and effective way to get rid of this problem. It is called flushing the nose.

Do you think it is difficult?

No. Especially when the stuffy nose has already gotten you.

How to flush the nose: important rules

There are several basic rules, the knowledge of which will facilitate your washing procedure.

  • Water should be the same as your body temperature. If the water is colder, it is unpleasant. If it's hot, it hurts. In addition, with hot water, you can damage your nasal mucosa.
  • This should be done when the nasal sinuses are at least a little free: it is elementary for the solution to get into the nose.
  • Flush your nose should be at least half an hour before you go out the door.
  • The procedure takes place half an hour before bedtime, since after that another five to ten minutes a small amount of water can flow out of the nose.

How to wash your nose:

Option 1

  1. take a syringe (in common - a pear), fill it with a liquid for washing the nose
  2. lean over the tub by about 90g. Insert the tip of the pear into one nostril, open your mouth so that water can flow out of it.
  3. start gently, gradually inject fluid into the nostril. At the same time, utter the sound and-and-and.
  4. water will pass through the nose, nasopharynx and begin to flow out of the mouth.
  5. then do the same with the other nostril.
  6. Do not inject the liquid too harshly, otherwise water along with mucus can enter the sinuses and bring infection there.
  7. blow your nose at the end of the procedure.

Option 2

  1. take any small capacity. Better something like a teapot. Because the presence of a nose will facilitate the procedure. Fill the container with water or solution.
  2. Lean over the bathroom at 90 gr. Hold the container with one hand, and with the second thumb hold the nostril opposite to that in which you hold the container (if it is in your right hand, then pinch the left nostril). Other four fingers of the hand, folded in a boat, hold up to the free nostril and pour water into them. The nostrils inhale to draw water into the nose.
  3. As soon as the inhalation is complete, clamp this nostril and for a second or two keep your nose clamped.
  4. Blow your nose and nose in turns.
  5. Then do the same, taking the container in the other hand and rinsing the other nostril.

The second option is made easier in practice.

There are several remedies for flushing the nose:

  • With water
  • Using saline solution
  • Using a decoction of some herbs
  • Using certain pharmaceutical preparations.

How to rinse nose with water

Water must be your body temperature. To do this, it is not necessary to make manipulations with the thermometer. It is enough to take a sip in your mouth and feel: it is hotter or colder than your temperature.

This is the easiest way, but I will say from my own experience - the most painful.

How to rinse nose with salt water

Basically, the recommendations say that you should either use sea salt, or make a substitute at home: along with ordinary salt, add 1-2 drops of iodine to water. Someone also offers soda.

About iodine. Iodine is very dry. For a glass of water, 1-2 drops is a lot. There will definitely be damage to your nasal mucosa.

Only a hypertonic solution is sufficient: water and ordinary salt.

About how much salt needs to be dissolved in a glass of water.Water should be slightly brackish. On 1st - about 0.5 h. L. salt.

Rinsing the nose with a decoction of herbs

You can cook a weak decoction of chamomile, coltsfoot, sage, or any other anti-inflammatory herb.

How to wash your nose with saline

Saline can be purchased at a pharmacy, or cook at home by yourself. On 1st of warm water - 0.5 h. L. salt and a pinch of soda.

All four methods use the same nasal rinsing technique.

But all this is good to apply when the stuffy nose is not your permanent reality. And if you have sinusitis?

How to wash the nose with sinus

If you have this problem, then it is better not to solve it at home. Need to consult a doctor. But if the nasal sinuses are at least a little free, then do everything in a standard way.

Well, when did your child have a nasal congestion problem?

How to wash the nose baby

The main thing that he was not afraid of this procedure. Therefore, show all love and patience. Show with your example, if necessary, prove to the child that there is nothing terrible. Carry out the procedure as described above, asking the child to hold his breath while inhaling.

How to wash the nose of an infant

If the baby is very small, put it on the back and drop 2-3 drops of saline solution or decoction of grass in one nostril. A flagella of cotton wool soaked in oil, very carefully screwing it into the nostril no more than 2 cm, clean it. Then do the same with the other nostril.

A clean nose is not only a comfortable state. This is the coordinated work of all organs: heart, lungs, etc.


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