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How to wear a bandage for pregnant women?

Women usually begin to think about the need to wear a bandage in the last months of pregnancy, however, experts strongly advise you to wear it much earlier in order to reduce the load on the spine.

Who needs a bandage

If you are interested in how to properly wear a bandage, you first need to decide what you need it for. After all, such special clothes should be worn when there are medical indications, namely:

  • back pain;
  • underdevelopment of the cervix (there is a threat of abortion);
  • weak abdominal muscles, and therefore marked low position of the fetus;
  • the presence of a scar on the uterus after the previous cesarean section;
  • gestation of twins or triplets (in this case there is a particularly large load on the spine).

As a rule, the bandage is recommended for pregnant women when the period reaches 22-30 weeks. But the gynecologist can appoint him later, so that the bandage does not replace the work of his own muscles.

We put on a bandage

How to wear a bandage for pregnant women, how to properly wear it, so as not to harm your body? The doctor will help you to choose the size you need. For this, he will measure the abdominal circumference in the navel.Also, the doctor will show you exactly how to wear a bandage, as the illustration on the packaging may not always be correct or understandable.

Trying on the bandage should be lying, it will be easier to feel the pubic bone. In general, the process of putting on is similar to wrapping a loincloth. Please note - the bandage should go along the bottom of the buttocks, while passing completely under the stomach, abut the hips and grab the pubic bone in front. To avoid discomfort, the doctor will help adjust the model. The bandage should not be too tight and not too weak. But, as you understand, as the belly grows, the degree of tension needs to be adjusted. When you learn to adjust the strings, you can perform this procedure standing up.

Doctors warn - despite the common opinion that the bandages protect against stretch marks, in fact this is not at all the case. Stretch marks are due to hormonal changes and reduced skin elasticity. And the bandage, unfortunately, cannot affect this in any way. If you want to learn more about how to wear a bandage for pregnant women, check out our other article, which is here - "How to wear a bandage for pregnant women?".

How long to wear a bandage

After you start wearing it, walk in it until the very birth.In particular, this applies to those who lead a sedentary lifestyle or spend a lot of time on their feet. There are doctors who do not recommend wearing a bandage for more than three hours in a row, but if it suits you perfectly and does not interfere, you can do without interruptions.

Bandage after childbirth

How to wear a bandage after childbirth? If you have given birth with a caesarean section, then there can not do without additional support. Immediately after surgery, wear a bandage and walk in it for the next forty days. However, the question of the need for bandage after childbirth is better to clarify in the antenatal clinic or with a specialist in the hospital. You will be promptly advised whether a bandage is needed in your case, and if necessary, they will recommend a suitable model.


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