How To Get Cheap Broadway Tickets

How to Win Broadway Tickets

Two Methods:

Going to a Broadway show is a fantastic experience, but it can be pricey to buy tickets. With average ticket prices for big name shows like “The Book of Mormon,” “Wicked,” and “The Lion King” running anywhere from 0-5 dollars a piece, it isn’t surprising that theatergoers are searching for less expensive ways to get to the theater!Learning how to enter the different types of Broadway ticket lotteries, both online and in-person, will give you more opportunities to see those famous shows at incredibly discounted prices.


Entering an Online Lottery for Broadway Tickets

  1. Visit Broadway Direct’s webpage to enter to win discounted tickets.A limited number of tickets will be sold to individuals who win the digital lottery. For example, you can enter to win discounted tickets to see “Aladdin,” paying per ticket if you win instead of 0-250.
    • There is almost always a 2 ticket limit per winner, and tickets must be purchased via credit card within 60 minutes of being selected as a winner.
    • Make sure you have a government issued ID so you can pick up your ticket(s) before showtime.
  2. Use New York Show Tickets (NYTix) to signup to win free tickets.NYTix partners with Broadway Show producers and gives away at least 1 pair of free tickets to 1 Broadway show every day of the week. This lottery is free to enter; you just have to sign up for their email newsletter to be included.
    • If you win, you’ll be given a choice of different dates and shows based on the inventory NYTix has available. NYTix has given away tickets to many popular shows, including “Lion King,” “Matilda,” “Aladdin,” and “Rent.”
  3. Visit show specific webpages to enter to win discounted tickets.Shows like “Matilda,” “Allegiance,” and “Hamilton” have their own pages dedicated just to discounted lottery tickets. Lotteries are free to enter—you only pay for tickets if you are a winner.
  4. Use an app to enter to win discounted lottery tickets.Some shows, like “Hamilton,” have their own app you can download from the iTunes store to help you win discounted tickets to the popular show.

Getting Discounted Lottery Tickets in Person

  1. Check online to confirm the show has an in-person lottery.Shows like “Hamilton” offer mini-concerts during the lottery to entertain hopeful attendees, so even if you are standing in a long line, you have a chance at being entertained.
    • If there are multiple shows in 1 night that you are interested in attending, you can plot out your route to hit 2 or 3 lotteries at a time. Especially on Broadway where the theaters are close together, you can attend 1 lottery, hear the results, and head down the street to enter another.
  2. Arrive at the theater up to 2 hours before showtime to enter the drawing.Most in-person lotteries have a 30 minute window for people to submit their entries. Fill out the supplied slip of paper with your name and wait to see if your name is drawn! Entry to these lotteries is free—you only pay if you win the discounted tickets.
    • Because it’s a random drawing, you have the same chances at winning tickets if you show up 2 hours early or just 10 minutes before the entry window. But it can be fun to hang out in line with other people who love theater.
    • If you are going with a friend, you can get into line at separate places to vary where your entries will end up during the drawing.
    • If you are going solo to the theater you could pair up with another solo person. Most lotteries will let you purchase either 1 or 2 tickets, so make a pact that if either of you win, you’ll get 2 tickets and give 1 to the other person! This increases your chances of winning, and you might make a new friend, too.
  3. Stick around for the lottery drawing after submitting your name.If your slip is drawn, you’ll need to claim your ticket(s) immediately and pay for them. Lottery tickets usually cost theatergoers only - dollars! You can pay with cash or a credit card.
    • Shows usually reserve the first 2 rows of seats for lottery tickets, so make sure to stick around until all the winning names have been read.
  4. Try attending a lottery on a Wednesday or for a weekend matinee.These shows usually have lower attendances, which increases your chances to win! And if you don’t mind bad weather, trekking out in the rain or snow will give you higher chances of winning, too, as others will be hunkering down at home.

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  • You should never have to pay to enter a lottery, whether it is for free tickets or for discounted tickets. Payment comes only after you’ve been selected as a winner. If a site or an app asks for a downpayment or entry-fee, chances are that site is running a scam.


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