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How to wind short hair?

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How to wind short hair?

Currently, there are several ways to curl hair. Curls give a feminine romance. The curl can be made tender and soft, tight and dense, small or large. Therefore, using special tools, you can create different hairstyles for each day. How to wind short hair - let's talk in this article.

How to wind hair curling

Curling with the help of curling is the quickest option. Depending on its diameter, you can create both small and large curls. It is best to choose the size of the curl under the facial features (if the features are large, then the curls should be large and vice versa).

In order not to cause severe harm to your hair, it is important to use special thermal protective agents (balms, mousses, sprays, foams for your hair type).

  1. Treat clean, dry hair with a protective agent and comb well.
  2. Divide hair into small strands.
  3. Wrap a strand around a heated curling iron and hold it for a couple of seconds.(If you do not want the effect of protruding hair, then you need to leave about five centimeters to the roots. To create neat curls, the curling iron is best kept upright.)
  4. Curl all the remaining strands in this way and style your hair as you wish.
  5. Fix hair with hair spray.

How to wind hair with a flat iron

Few know, but with a hair straightener you can curl your hair. True in this way only large curls are obtained.

Unlike curling, the iron creates a softer curl.

  1. Treat clean, dry hair with a protective agent and comb well.
  2. Divide hair into small strands.
  3. Grab a strand of ironed plates at the roots with heated plates and begin to twist the strand. It is necessary to hold the iron from top to bottom (from root to tip). Straightener should be held vertically.

To make more tight curls, use the following scheme:

  1. Twist the strand into a bundle.
  2. Spend the resulting harness ironing, starting from the roots.
  3. If the length of the hair allows, instead of a bundle you can braid a pigtail.

Curl the remaining strands in the chosen way, put the curls in your hair and fix the result with varnish.

In addition, commercially available nozzles to create curls of different sizes.

How to wind your hair with curlers

Usually for curling short hair using a Velcro curler. Depending on the desired result, it is necessary to determine the diameter. So, if you want to get the volume from curling hair, then you should choose a large curler. If you want to get tight curls, the diameter of the curler should be less.

  1. Treat clean, damp hair with styling products (foam, mousse, etc.) or sprinkle each curl with a small amount of varnish.
  2. Comb your hair (if you use lacquer, first hairhair curlersmust be combed, divided into strands, and only then varnished).
  3. Divide hair into small strands.
  4. Wind the curlers, starting from the tips.
  5. Dry the hair with a hair dryer, remove the curlers, do the styling and fix the hair with lacquer.
  6. You can wind the hair curlers at night. In this case, the hair should be slightly damp and no hair dryer will be required.

Also for curling short hair, you can use curlers "bobbin" or "boomerangs".

If you need to curl your hair quickly, then you can use electric curlers. In this case, the curlers are wound on dry hair.


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