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How to write a thank you?

Life is so arranged that sometimes we have to express gratitude to other people - with words, gifts, or just letters. The latter, incidentally, is not so rarely used. But often we sit and long puzzled over how to write thanks to the doctor, or someone else. So how can you tell people in a competent and beautiful way that we are really grateful for the service rendered or the work done? This will be discussed in our article. We will tell you how to write gratitude to people of any social status and profession.

Thank you correctly

Quite often, letters are handed to those who have made a significant contribution to any business. For example, in raising children, charity, holding events and more. How to write gratitude to such people?

First, we must not forget about the respectful appeal to the addressee, that is, by name and patronymic. Further in the text you have to thank the person and indicate what you are expressing gratitude for.How to write a thank you to the doctor? In a letter to doctors, you can indicate that you appreciate their professionalism and hard work. You can also emphasize about the noble goal of medicine in principle, and to focus on the competent performance of their work by a particular doctor.

And how to write thanks to parents? In a written appeal to moms and dads, be sure to write about the merits of their child. It is very important that the letter is not lengthy and stretched, and also dispensed with the "official" official words. In general, try to be sincere. Although some templates can not be avoided. It will look something like this: "Dear Irina Gennadyevna and Alexey Nikolaevich Ivanovy, we express our deep gratitude for the good upbringing of your son." How to write thanks without doing these templates? By asking this question, you may have decided to add a touch of creativity to the letter, but we want to warn that it may be inappropriate here. And by the way, do not forget that the sister of talent is brevity, so let your gratitude be concise. The text of the letter is placed on one page so that it can be hung on the wall in a frame.

Sample Thank You Letter

Not to be unfounded, let's look at a specific example - how to write thanks to the teachers.

It should look like this:

Letter of thanks to teachers

Dear Kazakova Elena Nikolaevna and Koneva Natalya Ivanovna!

We thank you for your help in raising our children. Thank you for your sensitivity, understanding, competent approach and professionalism. Thank you for the fact that our children happily go to kindergarten, because there you are waiting for them - they can be said, the second mothers.

We wish you continued success in your work, happiness and personal well-being.

With the warmest regards, parents Tatiana and Andrei Semenov.

Now you know how to write thanks to educators. As you can see, there is nothing complicated here: first, there is a “cap”, then a message, a text of thanks and a signature.

If you are interested in how to write a thank you to parents or anyone else, use the given template, filling it with your own text. Made up? Now the manager has to sign the letter of thanks, no stamps are required.

How to make and hand

So, you figured out how to write a thank you and have already composed the text. It's time to start the design of the letter. For this there is enough colorful forms. The letter itself is best framed and handed in a festive atmosphere. When presenting a thank-you letter, tell the person a few more words that are not in your message so that he feels your good attitude towards him. We hope that the article gave an exhaustive answer to your questions regarding how to write a thank you.


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