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I want to install a pool

We recently bought a country house in the suburbs. I really want to install a swimming pool on the site. Tell me which pool is better to choose and how best to equip it so that you can swim in any weather?
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Answered on August 25, 17:14
We do not have too much space in the country, so in the spring we install a frame pool. Nearby I built a small shed so that the pool is half under it. And in the fall we remove it completely.
Answered on August 25, 17:18
We thought for a long time and installed a precast pool on the site, it does not even have to be cleaned for the winter, it is quite cold-resistant. Alternatively, you can make in your indoor pool in order to swim in any weather.
Answered on August 25, 17:26
Until recently, I had no idea how comfortable it was to have my own pool. We were visiting our friends, swimming there - emotions just overwhelm. Now we decided to install a swimming pool in my area. I have found a company that installs movable pavilions for open pools in Moscow. I liked this idea, I want to embody it in my area.

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