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Important things in the interior of rooms

The decor in a hotel room can be made in any style solution, but in all cases, without exception, it should evoke a feeling of ideal comfort in a guest at a glance. It is possible to ensure that the apartment is truly comfortable and breathes a home hearth, it is possible only with proper use of finishing materials harmoniously matched to each other, furniture and such important trifles in the form of small panels, vases with bouquets on the tables, intricate compositions on the bedside nightstands. What you need to remember when choosing these "little things" so as not to turn a hotel room into a cluttered room?

Just look at how the rooms in the Aparthotel Comfort are furnished in order to understand the main principle of creating a comfortable interior - all items should be ideally suited to each other, even in cases where it is planned to place certain accents. The number and size of additional elements in the interior is selected on the basis of the cubic capacity of the room, its geometric shapes and arranged pieces of furniture.Only when these factors are taken into account can a perfectly balanced space result. If we consider the wall panels, then in their design should not greatly stand out from the general concept of interior design. Basic materials and ideas will always be in harmony with the finishing materials and those used in pieces of furniture. Today, designers have a fairly extensive range of additional elements, so that any idea can be successfully completed with a competent placement of the final strokes.

The hotel Robinson Club and in the rooms, and in the dining rooms of the restaurant, and in the corridors, and in the lobby area, thanks to small subjects, completely transformed the situation, making it more homely and cozy. Small pictures and photos on the walls, floor vases and small vases on tables, original designs lighting fixtures (floor lamps, sconces), lacy napkins, heavy curtains with garters with fringes, a small mat at the bed, a small statue on the bedside table, fruit-pot - all this only part of the options of additional elements, which are arranged important accents in the interior.Note that in many cases you will not have to spend too much, and the resulting effect is justified by the enthusiastic reviews of grateful guests.


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