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Interesting films about the life of Indians

As is well known, Indians call the native population of America, which existed on the mainland long before the appearance of white people on it. The Indians, for many of us, are a strong, strong-willed and brave people who are distinguished by their unique way of life and way of life.

Many centuries ago there existed a large variety of various Indian tribes, but due to the oppression of white people and various natural disasters, their numbers have declined dramatically, so far there are very few of them left.

Perhaps, in many ways, this is why we so much want to learn more about these people, who knows, it is quite possible that, in time, they will completely disappear from the face of the earth, taking with them their unique traditions and customs.

The theme of life and the life of the indigenous people of America is well disclosed in world cinema, an impressive number of films about Indians, as well as their eternal confrontation with Europeans.These films are always filled with courage and courage, they necessarily reveal the concepts of true friendship, loyalty and understanding of what "duty" is to the people and the family.

We chose the best films about the Indians, interesting and exciting, most of them are excellent for family viewing, because the images of brave Indians are like both adult viewers and children.

  • Apache, 1973A wonderful example of a movie that reveals the difficulties of Indian life. The film is about the struggle for freedom and equality, about the struggle for life. The events of the painting take place in the middle of the XIX century, when Mexico had to give America a part of its territories, which today are called southern states. Deposits of precious metals, as well as a high premium for the scalps of indigenous people, leads here the mercantile geologist Johnson, who is beginning to deal with the extermination of Indians. Will the tribes be able to stand up for themselves and punish the ruthless killer? By the way, in this film you can see the legendary Gojko Mitic - the idol of our parents' childhood.
  • “Chingachkuk - the Great Serpent”, 1967Another good example of an old Indian movie that has one distinguishing feature from many others. The fact is that the main idea of ​​the entire film does not revolve around the protection of the land and the tribe, but around the struggle for love. It is all about the leader’s daughter, who was promised to Chingachku, but captured. To save his love from enemies, a brave warrior and his faithful friend will have to make every effort.
  • "The Little Big Man", 1970.Comedy Western, which in the best traditions of the genre will tell us another story about the opposition of a tribe of Indians with white aliens. His story will lead the 120-year-old elder, who miraculously survived in this bloody massacre. In deep childhood, he was accepted into the Indian tribe, and over time became a friend of the famous “Wild Bill”.
  • "Dancing with wolves", 1990The plot of the picture unfolds against the background of the war between the South and the North, as a result of which many people died or were simply lost. The main character, having been wounded, and having lost all his colleagues, is all alone in the wild and difficult conditions. Here he will meet a nomadic tribe of Sioux Indians, where, over time, he finds a common language and even finds his love. But the regular army is very close, and this means that the main character will soon have to make an important choice.
  • "The Last of the Mohicans", 1992Beautiful and beloved by many adventure kinorman, which is based on the eponymous work of James Cooper. In the midst of events there is a sophisticated daughter of the white colonel Cora and a hunter nicknamed Hawkeye, between which, in spite of all adversity and difficulties, the most real feelings flare up. Bark and her sister are captured and only Hawkeye and her faithful Indian friends can save her from inevitable death.
  • “Bury my heart in Wounded Knee”, 2007A deep historical drama telling about the last major battle of the Indians with the US Army on the Wounded Kad. The motion picture film has become a real record holder in the number of nominations for prestigious film awards: 17 for the Oscar statuette, and three for the Golden Globe and Emmy each.
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