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Intoxicating pictures: fun and 0.0 ppm!

Games with the vestibular apparatus are people's entertainment of humanity. It is this system of bodies that is responsible for the stability and coordination, and it is this that makes the drunks so much fun to wobble and fall, catch "helicopters" after the carousel, and she also gave such a wonderful scene in Soviet animation, when the Wolf from "Well, wait!" Jumped hilariously After sitting on a working jackhammer.

Only here to temporarily withdraw the vestibular apparatus from a normal working state, and feel like in space, it is not necessary to sin with strong drinks or to nausea ride on the carousel. Sometimes it is enough to look closely at images with optical illusions, trying to catch all the details at once, and voila - the head is already not yours! Experimenting?

Agitating Silks

This is just a picture, but the longer you look at the center of the image, and after turning your eyes to the sides, the stronger will be the smooth wave,as if passing through delicate tissue haphazardly. You see it, too?

Photo source: pixabay.com


Double optical illusion

And this almost magic circle creates two pronounced illusions at once. Firstly, the disc itself in the picture does not just look like a schematic representation of a vinyl record - a close look will make you believe that it seems to be moving under the needle of a gramophone!

Secondly, and this illusion is even more pronounced, the sides of the square look concave towards the center, and they are absolutely even!

Photo source: commons.wikimedia.org


And now some hypnosis

Look carefully at the circle. You can move your eyes without leaving the image, but it’s better to focus on the center point. Do you feel like you are getting stuck, your eyelids are heavy and you want to sleep?

Photo source: commons.wikimedia.org


A picture that reads thoughts

This is not just a little squares for you, but a real secret development that can read your thoughts! Concentrate on the first group of squares located diagonally. They are light, as if projecting forward, while the remaining two squares are distant and dark.

Now look at these darkened squares.Op - and they are already ahead, and even highlighted.


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