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Is it legal that the owners of the berry enterprises earn on the scourges?

In our city there is a company for the production of products from berries, mushrooms, etc. I know that these berries including. deliver the whips by collecting them near the road. Is this generally normal ?!
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Answered on December 7, 2014 17:18
Of course not. Although, there is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, who can prove that these berries are poisonous, spoiled, or provided in unsanitary conditions? If there is any evidence of non-compliance of the goods being sold with the requirements stated on the labels, then you will have a direct route to the consumer protection department or a control check. Better to the sanitary epidemiological station. They will then precisely check everything for compliance. Homeless people are also people and nobody forbade them to work. The owners do not force their berries to drag them - they do it. Again, a double-edged sword.

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