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Is it possible to transport the refrigerator lying down?

Edward Stefchishin
Edward Stefchishin
December 28, 2012
Is it possible to transport the refrigerator lying down?

When buying or submitting a refrigerator for repair, the question arises whether it is possible to transport the refrigerator lying down. Experience shows that it is possible. With this type of transportation, you must follow some rules.

  • When transporting without original packaging, it is imperative that the refrigeration unit is on its side to prevent damage to the back or handles on the front. Factory packing thanks to foam layers prevents damage. The main thing, when transported on its side, is the absence of jolting and swinging, since the compressor is on the springs and can swing away from the mountings.
  • Avoid using car trailers for transportation. Must be transported either by truck or pickup. If you pay attention to firms engaged in the repair and maintenance of refrigeration equipment, you can seethat their representatives, specializing in domestic installations, drive exclusively on pick-up trucks, which are best suited for accurate transportation.
  • The basic rule is to maintain time after installation before switching to the network.

In the instructions for transportation it is written that the carriage should be carried out only in a vertical position. This rule applies exclusively to industrial equipment, since the compressor is connected to the cooling tube system by a ball valve.


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