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Is it worth discussing the number of ex?

Of course, not all men admit such an attitude to the past of their second half, in words they are pink and fluffy and try to conform to the norms of modern public morality. But the masculine consciousness, which has never adapted to emancipation, breaks through in deeds and words. So let the guys do not take offense at me, but we girls should always perceive our partner as overwhelmed with the complexities and doubts of a teenager, regardless of age. You have to be smarter: a careless phrase, said in the hope of understanding and adequacy, will entail unhealthy inquiries in the future.

Is it worth discussing the number of ex?

Therefore, we must carefully filter the flow of information, even if you really want to tell. And certainly to stop the forbidden topics in the bud, and there are only five of them:

Forbidden topic number 1

Never say that the former was a cool lover, even if it is a hundred times so. The only word you say will launch in the mind of your current partner an eternal generator of doubts about their male virtues.

Forbidden topic number 2

But do not overdo it; there is no need to emphasize that the former was a weakling. And then the new boyfriend will think that when you part and you will say the same about him. We speak neutral, without insults, infrequently, but convincingly.

Forbidden topic number 3

In no case do not specify who was the initiator of parting in previous relationships. If you say that you will think that you can get away from it with ease. And if you are thrown, then the question “What is wrong with you?” Arises: The best answer: a mutual decision, did not agree with the characters.

Forbidden topic number 4

Do not compare! Even if you want to make a compliment in favor of the new boyfriend. This may lead him to think about what you constantly think about your ex.

Forbidden topic number 5

And finally, the most important thing on which everyone is caught is - do not name the exact number of partners. Almost always, we forget what we said, unlike men - they have this information in their heads forever. This question will surely be repeated again, and you will have to answer clearly, word for word, otherwise it will prefer to disappear from your horizon, as you cruelly deceive it ... Here or call a small number that you will not forget, such as 2-3, or move away from the topic, attracting all possible methods.For example, passionate sex, answering a question with a question, a small scandal on a detached topic, etc. The main thing is not to cause a riot of his animal instincts, such as domination and the struggle for a female, then you will go sideways ...

Is it worth discussing the number of ex?

I know that now you will think: a nightmare, is it all so hopeless, and the chances of meeting an adequate and confident man are zero? No, of course, there are many good men, but with this question you need to be careful. It all depends on your partner, some even excite stories about their halves, but this is a great rarity. Still, it is better when there is no place for two in a relationship of two, and even more so for the former!


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