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Jane Fonda is not shy about talking about bold topics.

Still, the “old guard” of Hollywood is something amazing: Jane Fonda, in her 80s, for example, doesn’t think to retire and can calmly give an interview in which he tells about intimate life in adulthood. “Sex life is getting much better because we know our body more. “We know what we need, what we like, and we are not afraid to ask for a partner about it,” says Jane. - As for men, then with age they finally learn the meaning of the word "slower". Oh, believe me, this is a great word. ”

In addition, the Foundation believes that the link between romance and physical attraction is too overrated. “You can have love without sex and sex without love. This is completely normal ... Sorry, I realized too late in my life that the main thing in a partner is kindness. But I can say for sure that this is the main lesson that I learned. ”


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