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Jewelry Encyclopedia: Moissanite

Moissanite is called the “diamond” of the millennial generation. What is this stone, says SUNMAG jewelry encyclopedia.

Dossier on a familiar stranger

Moissanite, and in terms of chemistry silicon carbide, was discovered in 1893 by the French chemist Henri Moissan. Henri studied fragments of the meteorite "Canyon Diablo", which fell 20-40 thousand years in Arizona. The place of the fall of the 30-ton iron giant scientists called the Arizona crater, as well as the canyon of the Devil. Moissan in the fragments of the ancient meteorite discovered inclusions of an unknown mineral, similar to a diamond. In 1904 the chemist established that his discovery was a stone unknown before geology, and the learned community gave the mineral a name in honor of its discoverer.

Moissanite is the second hardest mineral after diamond: 9.25-9.5 points on the Mohs scale out of 10 possible. The color of the mineral varies from transparent to yellow, green, blue, black. Its reserves are abundant in space, and on Earth it is very rare and in small amounts: either in places of meteorite fall or in the places of occurrence of kimberlite rocks.Thus, in the late 1950s, natural moissanite was discovered in the diamond mines of Yakutia and in the American mining state of Wyoming.

Scientists became interested in the properties of moissanite and, since it cannot be mined on an industrial scale, they began to try to obtain the mineral laboratory. In 1995, the American company Charles & Colvard presented the world faceted synthetic moissanite, not just suitable for jewelry, but difficult to distinguish from a diamond. The test tube stone was also durable, had a beautiful play of light, resisted any cut and had no imperfections (blotches, turbidity, microcracks inherent in many natural nuggets), and was significantly cheaper. For those born in the 1980s and with mother's milk absorbed the habit of being on the same wavelength with new technologies, moissanite has become the preferred alternative to the diamond in the engagement ring.

Beauty magic

Those who practice stone therapy are convinced that moissanite has a positive effect on the body’s tone and emotional sphere, improves memory and intellectual abilities in general.

The mystical properties of a diamond's opponent will be useful to creative and business people.The stone helps to see the perspective conceived and bring what has been started to the end, strengthens self-confidence and effective communication skills, protects the interests of its owner.

There are no astrological limitations for moissanite, it fits all the signs of the zodiac.

The art of cutting

Natural moissanite is so tiny and so rarely found on Earth that it is not suitable for jewelry. But the stones grown laboratory, to create jewelry fit perfectly. Moissanite is processed in the same way as a diamond, i.e., round, oval, square (“Usher”, “Cushion”, “Princess”), rectangular (“emerald”) and other types of cut are used.

Stones that adorn history

CThe biggest nugget of moissanite.Since natural moissanite of terrestrial origin is very rare, the discovery of a 4.1 mm-long moissanite crystal has become a sensation of the scientific world (geologists usually find tiny crystals less than 1.5 mm in size). Nugget - we bring his photo with an increase - was found in August 2012 in the north of Israel, in the valley of the Kishon River, and belongs to the mining company Shefa Yamim.

The biggest nugget of moissanite

Meteorite from the crater field Chimgau, Germany.This guest from space was introduced to the public by Bavarian researchers in 2011 at the 2011 Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. The nugget of iron silicide, a compound of iron and silicon, has inclusions of moissanite crystals. The length of the meteorite - 18 mm (photo again in the increase).

Meteorite from the crater field Chimgau, Germany

Engagement partyringAmora Gem Timeless Halo Engagement Ring.Perhaps, this is the most famous decoration with synthetic moissanite for today. It was a gift to Aressa Gem for Miss America - 2010 by Karesy Cameron on the occasion of her engagement (the girl played a wedding with her childhood friend in December 2012). The decoration is made of platinum and encrusted with moissanite in the technique of micro-pavilion. In the center of the ring are moissanite diamond-cut diameters of 9 mm, the largest of those that could grow specialists of the donor company.

Engagement Ring Amora Gem Timeless Halo Engagement Ring

Gossip column

Moissanite is gaining celebrity sympathy slowly but surely. So, in January 2015, at the The Art of Elysium & Samsung Galaxy Marina Abramovic Heaven Gala in Santa Monica, actress Minnie Driver appeared in Charles & Colvard earrings generously decorated with moissanites.


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