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Keno: how to win?

February 2, 2015
Keno: how to win?

Many people are addicted to gambling such as lotteries, cards, casinos and other types of profitable gambling. However, such games can be destructive, because the risks are always significant, and the chance to lose is even more than to win. Therefore, many are looking for ways to bypass the system and find such a strategy of the game in order to win more often than to lose and always remain in the black.

Let's take a closer look at how to win the Keno lottery.

How to win in Keno

There are several methods and strategies for playing the Keno lottery to win more often than to lose:

  • D'Alembert method. This method proposes making two bets on the same amount after an unsuccessful bet at the same time. If you win, then increase your capital by the amount that you lost before.
  • The Martingale method differs from the D'Alembert method in that the player raises the next bet after losing twice. After winning, he will return to the original level.
  • The “Number Series” method is less risky and dangerous to play.In addition, this method is flexible, but does not promise to quickly return the lost money. First, the player determines the amount of the future win and the time of the game. If the player wins, he cuts down the numbers by 2, if he loses, he increases by 1.
  • The “Dogon” strategy is a method where players bet only on the same numbers until they fall out. Often this method is combined with the first two, described above. This method is used most often by all the players in the world.

These strategies do not guarantee that you will win. It all depends on the time and occasion.


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