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Ksenia Sobchak and the rivers of blood in the new video "Leningrad"

Million views in the first day. So much has gathered a new (fourth for the year!) Video of the Leningrad group - this time for the song “Sobchak Glasses”. What's the secret? Maybe in the Quentin Tarantino video series - with a robbery, shooting and rivers of blood. Or maybe because of the appearance of Ksenia Sobchak (according to her, it was the most pleasant day of shooting in her life - very short and in home slippers). Or maybe because of the sticky lines “God, girls, I want glasses, glasses like Sobchachka”, which don't go out of my head, it’s worth hearing them once ...

But only in spite of the record views, opinions about the video shot by Mikhail Mareskin (series “Liteyny, 4” and “Cop Wars - 5”) are ambiguous. The bar set by the video “Exhibit” is still inaccessible. Although Sergey Shnurov is convinced that the video was simply not yet tasted: “I liked it! Well done guys! And worse, better, shit, a masterpiece - that's all I've heard very, very many times. ”

Have you already seen? Liked?

I am for the experiments. In the end, we are not satisfied with them for the budget money, so there can be no demand from us. What we want, then we get up. Our money, as well as risks. "Points Sobchak", perhaps, the first clip in the process of creating which I'm not something that would not interfere, and was not even dedicated. The result reminded me of Aki Kaurismaki’s films, well, well, what a difference to you. I like it! Well done guys! Worse, better, shit, a masterpiece that's all I've heard very, very many times. Epitaphs are replaced by eulogies and vice versa with such frequency and ease that it is no longer possible to take them seriously. It is easy to go for experiments, because it is deadly boring to be within the framework of genre notions and to meet expectations. # glasses box

Photo posted by Shnurov Sergey (@shnurovs)Oct 21, 2016 at 1:10 PDT

Vasilisa ran up to me and began to shout, "That's all, I thought of it." In short, I'm a whore in a fur coat. " From this welter, it became clear that Vasya came up with a clip. "Well," I said, "take it off." And Vasilisa recruited a team of friends-friends. The producer of this business, naturally, became Kostik, her boyfriend. And they did everything! Yourself! Fuck! That's cool! “Give people a chance,” something like John Lennon sang.#sobchak glasses - a million views.


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