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Ksenia Sobchak told that she considers happiness

In the summer, gossip news from the red tracks traditionally give way to beach news. Let the spotlights, heavy curtains, red carpet and couture dresses in the floor wait a bit, but for now all attention to the sun, sea, white sand and carefree days of rest, which fly by so fast!

So Ksenia Sobchak with her husband and son took a vacation. And if the June stay in Sochi was for adult family members rather working at the Kinotavr with forays to the Black Sea beach, now Xenia, Maxim and Plato have a good rest in Spain, on the Mediterranean Sea. By the way, the name of the city is Marbella, not far from which the resort of star tourists is located, which means “beautiful sea”.

Photos of his vacation Sobchak and Vitorgan spread on Instagram. Here is a picture taken in Malaga, in which the pope teaches a seven-month-old baby to dive:

Publication from Ksenia Sobchak (@xenia_sobchak)Jul 11 ​​2017 at 5:40 pdt

Proud mother commented on the frame as follows:

My underwater swimmer is already holding his breath and knows the word “dive”!

And here is an idyllic shot from the beach of Marbella, which captured the whole family (yes, yes, Xenia and Maxim still do not show the face of their son):

Publication from Ksenia Sobchak (@xenia_sobchak)Jul 13 2017 at 8:13 am PDT

To this photo Xenia left a comment with a philosophical mood (spelling and punctuation of the author save):

When happy, there is usually nothing to tell about yourself. Dramas, revelations, hypertrophied passions, adventure search - all this immediately becomes alien and ridiculous.


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