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Ladybugs Postcard

To perform the work you will need: 1. Cardboard green A4; 2. Decorative paper of green tones with a pattern or in polka dots; 3. Paper for quilling - red, black, white; 4. Double-sided foam tape; 5. Glue, scissors, tool for quilling, tweezers. The card is intended for happy birthday greetings. For the basis of the card, we fold in half cardboard A4 paper. From decorative paper we cut out the figure, which will be the age of the birthday man. In this case, it is 27. Both numbers are drawn in advance, then cut out. Then, using small pieces of double-sided foam tape, fasten the numbers on a green base. From the same decorative paper we cut out a strip, which is also fastened to a double-sided scotch from below. Now proceed to the execution of ladybirds. In total, we should have 10 of them. Of these: 3 large, 4 medium, 3 small.
Greeting Card of Ladybirds
For the big ladybug we take red paper for quilling with the length of 150 cm (we glue 3 strips with the help of glue).We form a large tight roll, fix the end with glue and attach a rounded shape, pressing the circle inside. Then from the inside we fix the ladybird's shell with glue. For the head, we take black paper for quilling with a length of 50 cm, roll it, then press it from both sides so that a semicircle is obtained.
Ladybirds postcard
For an average ladybug we use red paper for quilling with a length of 100 cm. We form in the same way middle shells. For the head, we use black quilling paper 40 cm long.
Ladybirds postcard
A small ladybug is made of red quilling paper 50 cm long, the head of black paper is 30 cm long. Ladybug legs are made of paper for quilling black. For this, a strip of 5 mm width is carefully cut in half with scissors for small parts. From strips we cut segments of length 2 cm, of which the legs will consist. We twist one end of the strip with a quilling tool, fix it with glue from the inside of the shell.Paws will be visible at half of the ladybirds, the rest will sit with the hidden paws on our postcard. For the eyes we take white paper for quilling. We also cut along to get neat and thin elements to form the eyes of ladybirds. Then cut into segments of 2-3 cm, each of which is twisted into tight little rolls, fix with glue.
card Ladybirds
When we have all the ladybirds ready, you can safely proceed to fixing them on a festive figure. Unusual, festive. bright and fairytale card with your own hands is ready!
card ladybirds

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