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Clip for hair "Ladybug"

The hair clip in the form of a charming ladybug will surely adorn the hairstyle of even the most fastidious young woman of fashion.
 Ladybug hair clip
For making “Ladybug” hairpins need to be prepared: - scissors. - satin ribbons of two shades: black and red. - glue gun. - black color beads. - hair clip. - thread and needle for handicrafts. - lighter. Sequence making hairpins. Two shades of satin ribbons should be cut into identical square blanks, the sides of which should be 5 cm.
must be cut
Then they need fold doubled, thus obtaining triangles.
 fold double
Now you need to turn the right corners to the middle of the parts and hold in that position.
 wrap the right corners
Then repeat the action,but now from the left edges.
 two fold lines gathered
Two fold lines gathered along the center of the blank. Along these folds, each blank should be folded in half.
 two fold lines have gathered
Now thin and slightly uneven corners need to be cut off.
need to trim
Gutters created by cutting with a lighter fire, the remaining unprocessed edges of parts must be leveled, cutting off all excess tape.
 need to be cut
After that you need to scorch the lower sections, but make sure that the edges of the tapes are turned divided into two equal parts.
 scorch the lower cuts
Now the parts are completely ready, it remains to expand them face.
scorch the bottom cuts
Similar details follow when Started 7 black and 26 red. details should be prepared 7
Now 4 red details need to be connected in pairs.
connect pair
Then on two sides one black piece should be glued these double blanks.
 connect pair
The first row of parts is ready. In the second, you need to repeat the number of red and black parts and fix them to the upper edges of the blanks of the previous row.
 connect pair
And along the edges it remains only to add one more red blank. This will complete the second row.
 two black paired blanks
The next row will require two black paired blanks and 4 paired parts in red.
two black pair blanks
After that, they should be attached to the top of the details of the second row by matching colors. attach to the top In the fourth row you will need the same number of red paired parts and three separate pieces of black shade.
fasten according to the shades of the bands
All prepared paired and single parts must be fixed in accordance with the hues of the tapes.
 fasten according to the colors of the tape
On this body ladybug ready, left to issue the head. It is made from the square of a black satin ribbon. It must be folded in half to form a triangle.
 Ladybug hair clip
Now you need to fix the addition, for this ordinary sewing creating small stitches with stitches, you should sew two layers of ribbon.
 Ladybug hair clip
Then, without cutting the thread, gently lightly pull off nit Creating multiple folds.After making a few fastening loops, the thread can be cut.  Ladybug Hair Clip Now cuts must be carefully scorched.
Ladybug hair clip
It turns out such a head for decoration. It must be fixed at the beginning of the first row of the ladybird body.
 Ladybug hair clip
Next you need to unfold the decoration with the lower side and two pieces of black tape to glue the places of gluing all the details.  Ladybug hair clip Then you need to fasten in the middle of a ladybug prepared hair clip.  Ladybug hair clip It remains only to turn the part and decorate with half beads. On the head of a bug you need to glue two beads that replace the eyes. For each wing should be glued to 4 half beads black. Hairpin "Ladybug" is ready! [/L_REPEAT]

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