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Lawn: the subtleties of choice!

When buying, build on the type of lawn that is decided to break. It can be a meadow, a lawn for sports or a lawn. Choose a well-known manufacturer, so you will receive a guarantee of quality.
If the seeds are imported, it is preferable to take a mixture of herbs from the country in which climatic conditions are closest to domestic ones. Residents of the middle zone, for example, will fit herbs from Canada, that is, resistant to cold weather, abundant melt water, etc. And in the southern gardens you can plant the seeds of many Western European firms.
Check out the list of herbs that make up the lawn. If you want the lawn to get stuck as soon as possible, choose a composition with a high content of ryegrass, but it suppresses other grasses, while it does not live for a long time - only three or four years, and you will see bald spots on your lawn. To extend the life of the lawn for many years, buy grass with a predominance of bluegrass.
The fescue turf is dense and elastic, tolerates regular haircuts, but slowly grows.A perfect view to the ground lawn is given by a benthole thin. This grass is not demanding on the soil, tolerates drought, is cold-resistant, but requires frequent cutting.


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