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Lights at the warehouse

Tell me where in Kazakhstan you can order industrial lamps to the warehouse. But please, recommend high-quality fixtures, and then in the warehouse the ceiling height is 8 meters, and we simply cannot change the lamps once a month.
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Answered on June 1 06:07
We have burned out lamps in the lamps in the warehouse being changed by a company that is cleaning the room. The guys just have the necessary equipment that allows for high-altitude work, including washing the ceiling and replacing lamps.
Answered on June 1 06:25
For warehouses it is better to use LED lights. This is an economical solution, because the warehouse areas involve a large number of lamps, which also burn for many hours in a row. You can look at industrial LED lamps on the site of the Elektrokomplekt company, there is quite a large assortment. Here is a link to the catalog, I hope you will be able to pick up something for your warehouse.
Answered 1 June 06:32
I recommend to buy with the lamps a few spare lamps. Because if a replacement is required, buying one or two lamps is at least extra work and a waste of time.

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