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Making Aquamarine Soap

Soap-making is a great hobby, pleasing the one who does it. The process of making soap at home is quite simple, interesting and fascinating. In a specialty store, you can only buy soap bases, the rest of the products can be both specialized and improvised. I offer a simple but interesting recipe for homemade soap. For Aquamarine soap you need: 1. White soap base. 2. Transparent soap base. 3. Any base oils (shea butter, grape seed, peach, etc.). 4. Flavors or essential oils optional. 5. Plastic rectangular container (the Hochland melted cheese container is excellent). 6. Cosmetic dye "Aquamarine". 7. Wooden skewer. 8. Alcohol. 9. Utensils for melting the base. 10. Knife.
Aquamarine soap
We first prepare the plastic container, wash it, dry it and sprinkle it with alcohol from the spray bottle.We drown a transparent soap base, enrich it with oils and fragrances, add a few drops of dye and carefully stir it with a wooden skewer. Fill the resulting mixture into a container and wait for it to solidify. If you want to get all the soap swirls, then you do not need to wait for complete solidification, you need to pour the next layer.
 Aquamarine soap
While the first layer is frozen, melt an equal amount of white soap base in different jar, leave one part white, and the other is painted with the same color Aquamarine. Do not forget about fragrances and base oils. Splash layer of alcohol in the container, pour the painted base onto it, when it grasps, pour over the white base, it should be warm, but not hot! Otherwise, everything is just mixed up. We disperse the bubbles with alcohol and wait for the bar to freeze. It is pulled out very easily!
Aquamarine soap
 Aquamarine soap
Crop quite a bit uneven edges of the bar (they are rounded to fit the container) and cut the bar into separate pieces of soap,enjoying the beautiful color of the upper base and the intricate patterns of the bottom!
Aquamarine soap

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