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Making paper bumps

Making beautifulChristmas decoration cones of paper (cardboard), which can be used as Christmas-tree decorations, to create garlands and other New Year or Christmas decorations and composition.

Materials and tools:

  1. paper (cardboard) for scrapbooking with Christmas patterns;
  2. scissors, paper knife;
  3. glue gun;
  4. twine;
  5. tapes.

Step 1

We take a sheet of paper and cut into strips: 2 strips - 30x2.5 cm, 2 strips - 40x3 cm, 1 strip - 50x4 cm.

If you don’t immediately cut off the strips you need size, you can first cut the smaller strips (Step 1.1), and then glue them together to get the strips of the right size.

Fold all the strips of the accordion.

Step 2

Using a glue gun, glue the ends of the strips.

Step 3

We fold and bend the strip so that the medallion (flower) is obtained.At the center, drip a little glue from the hot melt glue gun and hold for a few seconds until the glue hardens.

The same is repeated with other stripes. There should be 5 medallions (flowers) in total.

Step 4

Then simply glue the medallions (flowers) together, using a hot-melt gun. The order of the medallions: small, medium, large, medium, small.

At the end, cut off the string of twine, make a loop and glue it to the bump. We also cut off a strip of ribbons and tie a beautiful bow, and you can also decorate the cones in another way.

Allpaper bumpsare ready.


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