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Metal doors today

To date, a great assistant in the fight against hackers of apartments or houses is steel doors, which are made of strong metal material. The box and the canvas of such door floors, according to modern experts, are made automatically.

In this case, each manufacturer takes into account all the necessary sizes. During the manufacture of steel entrance doors usually use a special sheet processing equipment. In this case, the thickness of the steel used is two millimeters.

Also, in order to give greater rigidity, U-shaped profiles are installed inside the steel entrance door leaf. At the same time, the manufacturer of such a door cover is equipped by the manufacturer with special pins, adjustable hinges and elements for fixing the door box during mounting. In turn, a customer who wishes to purchase such metal entrance doors can order from the manufacturer special locks, armor plates and covers, eyelets, etc.Recall that around the perimeter of the door ceiling double contour of the seal is placed, which makes it possible to provide silent and tight locking. Also, the design of the steel door enhances heat and sound insulation. And, inside the door is fully insulated. Also, such doors can be single or double doors.

Let us recall some of the components of such a steel door. For example, the door frame, which is a supporting structure. In it the special door cloth is established. In turn, the door leaf is a solid-bent construction, which is made of steel sheet with a thickness of two millimeters. Also, the entrance metal doors have a polymer coating, which is the external coating of the door ceiling.

In turn, during the manufacture of these doors also use anti-pins, which are twenty millimeters long. They are fixed in the end of the door leaf from the hinge side. Three steel pins are standard on each steel door.


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