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Milota of the day: the baby does not want to sleep without his favorite

A huge cat named Puma has become the best nanny for a baby.

“And where are you going to get a cat now?” - while stirring tea, Katya is interested in our common friend Vera. Faith is expecting a baby. Until now, the child in their house was a beautiful, smoky-colored British cat: she was carried in her arms, combed out and photographed endlessly. Seeing Verin's puzzled look, Katya explained: “Well, she can crush a baby. Did you not hear that cats often lay on a child’s face and strangle him? ”Terrified, we got on the Internet to ask Google if it’s true that pets behave so meanly? And stumbled upon a completely different story.

Meet Puma, she is ten years old, and she was once taken from a shelter. Since then she has grown and, if I may say so with reference to a cat, has matured. It weighs no less than 12 pounds, and the neighboring little dogs are afraid even to yelp in her direction, looking at the impressive size of the Puma.

Then one day the time came when the family that adopted the cat became more than one person. The owners of the Puma was born a boy, baby Ace. With the cat he did not have any disagreements.Even before the birth of Ace, Puma slept in his crib. When her owner appeared in the cradle, the cat eagerly began to share its warmth with him. Especially since she was much more of a newborn boy. Without his favorite, Ace flatly refused to sleep, even when he grew up. The baby hugged the Puma, laid his head on the rumbling warm side, and there was no one happier than this couple.


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