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Moscow restaurants for an unforgettable holiday

In Moscow, there are many places for excellent rest - with friends, with family, to celebrate an important event. Moscow restaurants will help you in every way, because they offer a rich variety of dishes, often unusual, mysterious. Here are a few restaurants where you can have a good rest, eat well and have a good time.

  • Zotman Pizza. Sometimes it is enough to spend time in the company of friends, gambling in a relaxed atmosphere. This will help, of course, pizza. Here it is not as usual, because it has uneven edges, more magnificent than the one to which we are accustomed. The dishes here have the most intricate names. So behind the most ordinary simplicity can be a whole legend. Taste it in this restaurant and you will never regret it.

  • "Tinatin." This is a very eclectic institution. Here you can taste the popular dishes of Georgian and European cuisine.Their excellent taste and quality are guaranteed by the chef. The restaurant also has an unusually tasty menu for children. The winter garden is also very unusual.

  • "Limonchino". The menu of this restaurant presents the best dishes of Italian cuisine. This restaurant is a real glory of Italian cuisine. The restaurant has a friendly conversation, celebrating memorable dates, not to mention having a feast for your stomach and appetite. Recipes of the same dishes of this restaurant are kept in strict secrecy.

  • Interesting restaurant I tent (I love cafe). Here they cook everything and little by little. But the most important thing is that you can have a good rest by the pond. Customers can rent pedal boats to diversify their holiday. In the tent (I love cafe) everything is provided for active recreation of all categories of visitors. Be sure to visit the restaurant, in order to enjoy tasty dishes.

  • Manon. Here you can enjoy plenty of music. And if you are a fan of a relaxing holiday, Manon will also give you that opportunity. The same calm is guaranteed under the pleasant enjoyment of the view of the Moscow River.Note that such an excellent opportunity is not given in allrestaurants in Moscow. The interior of the restaurant "Manon" is mixed and the concept of Baroque and Art Deco. So you will be pleasantly surprised by high ceilings, walls, velvet and very soft sofas.

  • Barrel. This restaurant takes you back to medieval times. You will find yourself in the company of heroic knights and charming ladies. And, of course, very tasty dishes cooked. In the restaurant you can enjoy plenty of warmth of the fireplace, hospitality. Hurry to try as many dishes as possible, because their recipes are kept secret.

When choosing the best restaurants in Moscow, remember that you have a unique opportunity to book a table quickly and free of charge.


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