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Named the most popular products in Russia

Yandexanalyzed user requestson the culinary theme and found out the most popular products of our tables. In the first place - no, not potatoes! - chicken (chicken salad recipes and chicken in the oven are looking for more than 765 thousand times a week). On the second - all the same potatoes (baked in the oven), on the third - meat ("in French"). Also in the top twenty favorite foods: cabbage (fermented), cottage cheese (casserole), mushrooms, tomatoes (lecho), apple (apple pie), pork (in the oven and kebab), milk (pancakes), cheese (cheese soup and khachapuri), fish (in batter and cutlets), zucchini (caviar and pancakes), eggs (boiled and egg cakes), cucumbers (salted and lightly salted), minced meat (cutlets), rice (stuffed pepper), kefir (pancakes and pancakes) and liver .

Among the most popular dishes are salad ("Caesar"), cake (from cookies and "Napoleon"), soup (mushroom and meatballs), cake (apple), sauce (creamy and sour cream), pancakes, jam, casserole, pizza and biscuit. The most favorite sauce is still mayonnaise.

Named the most popular products in Russia

According to the Yandex research, requests vary depending on the season and the region. So, in May, they are looking for recipes for kebabs, and in December - Olivier. In Crimea, they are most often interested in mussels, in the Astrakhan region - herring, in the Komi Republic - berries (lingonberries, mountain ash and gooseberries), in St. Petersburg - cod, in Moscow - turkey. Just a month, Yandex responds to more than 91 million requests for products, recipes and all sorts of dishes.


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