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Named the most popular Russian seals

Grumpy, Nala, Lil Bab and Maru are not the only cats that everyone talks about. This year, our country has its own fuzzy stars. The portal "Medialogy", which monitors the Russian media, viewed who was most often written in the press, and compiled a rating of the most popular Russian seals. The top ten included: Barsik from Barnaul, who “offered” to return Alaska to Russia; a traveler named Graf, who conquered Elbrus along with his master; a cat from Nizhny Novgorod, whom the parting couple shared, like a child, and a cat from Italy, who got used to spend the night with neighbors until they filed a lawsuit.

And also an impudent black cat who decided to drink water from the mayor's mug of Riga right during the live broadcast, and the inhabitant of the shelter in Sweden, for whose sake the owner with a lifetime ban to visit the country grossly violated the law.

Well, the three tail leaders look like this:

3rd place

The cat with the nickname The world of the Neva Masquerade breed, whom Vladimir Putin presented to the head of the Japanese prefecture Akita Norihis Satake.

Named the most popular Russian seals

2nd place

Red sailor Sergei Ivanovich, who serves in the navy of Russia.

Named the most popular Russian seals

1 place

Oracle Achilles from the Hermitage, who predicted the results of the matches of the Confederations Cup.

Named the most popular Russian seals

It is a pity that all these cats do not have Instagram pages yet. We could find cat tracks only in the Hermitage account.


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