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Natalia Vodianova showed son Roman

Famous parents are usually in no hurry to show photos of newborn children (the first pictures of the English princess Charlotte, for example, the world had to wait). Natalia Vodianova's younger son is not even a month old (he was born in early June), but his first photo already collects huskies on Facebook, where she was laid out by supermodel's sister Christina Kusakina (these are they, these loving aunts, they just can not resist!) . The frame turned out to be incredibly gentle and touching: Natalya kisses her son, gently pressing him to her.


Recall that Roman - the fifth child in a large family of Natalia Vodyanova and Antoine Arno (the pair brings up the son of Maxim, as well as children from the first marriage of the supermodel - Lucas, Victor and Neva).


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