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New design of the old refrigerator: 7 ways to create a stylish interior

A cozy modern kitchen is a mistress's dream. When changing furniture and decor, you don’t always want to part with a good fridge that perfectly copes with its task. Finding a way to hide it from prying eyes is not an option. If you wish, you can always give the refrigerator a modern look or hide the external flaws that appear during operation. There are many ways to do this, it remains only to use one of them.

Magnetic slate - modern accessory with sophisticated functionality

Hide the scratches on the refrigerator or give the kitchen a modern look will help the usual magnetic slate. You can use it for recording or placing small magnets. This accessory will perfectly fit into a room designed in a modern style. It remains only to choose a board of the right size.

Use of vinyl stickers: stylish, cheap, creative

The beauty of vinyl stickers in the availability and ease of use. They are sold in various places: from boutiques offering products for creativity to construction stores. Design options are also different.

To realize the grandiose idea, you can use the services of the printing house, but in this case the embodiment of the dream will cost more. Simple elements are easy to cut from ordinary self-adhesive paper. For convenience, you can use templates, stencils, curly scissors.

Photo printing: film with a pattern or magnetic panels

Now available photo printing will allow you to change the refrigerator beyond recognition. If you wish, you can place everything in the kitchen: from a rare payphone to the orbital station or your own island in the ocean.

It is also easy to order the production of photos taken with your own hands, or turn an old refrigerator into a huge painted casket. Transfer of the image on a vinyl film or magnetic vinyl is possible in the given sizes.

With a visual similarity, the film with photographic printing and magnetic panels are attached to the refrigerator in various ways.

1.The option of fixing the film

There are two ways of fixing a film with a photo printing: do it by smoothing or using warm air. At home, the ideal solution would be a hair dryer. In any case, it is necessary to prepare the surface of the refrigerator: if possible, remove the handles and degrease. It is important to ensure that the film lays down evenly and to prevent the appearance of bubbles and folds. For smoothing use any flat object, they can even be a bank card. Special attention is paid to the edges. The film here should be bend, smooth and cut off the excess, using a clerical knife. At the end of the procedure, it remains only to put back the handle.

2. Mounting of magnetic panels

The vinyl panel is a sheet half a centimeter thick with a magnetic layer. To fix or remove it elementary, no trace remains on the surface. It is important when ordering cloths as accurately as possible to take measurements. In the case when it is planned to close the entire refrigerator with a pattern, this will make the gaps at the joints less noticeable and will enable to more accurately fit the pattern.

Self-adhesive film - a budget alternative to photo printing or painting

The abundance of prints self-adhesive film allows you to give the refrigerator a different type of design. You can pick it up to match the countertops and other items of furniture or in contrast to them. Before gluing the surface of the refrigerator must be degreased. It is better to get rid of the protective layer as the sheet is glued. This will simplify the process of smoothing, similar to that used when attaching the vinyl film.

Painting the refrigerator: the nuances, opportunities, master class

To paint the refrigerator is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Use for this purpose is the paint for metal. The main thing is to choose a color that perfectly matches the interior and visualize the decor. Depending on the characteristics of the situation, the size and shape of the kitchen, you can choose a lot of options: from bright accents and contrast to painting in calm tones.

Refresh the atmosphere will help a bright refrigerator, whose color is chosen in contrast. High models painted in cold colors will visually raise the ceiling. Low refrigerators visually expand the room, especially when using pastel colors and warm colors.

Painting step by step

It is most convenient to use paint in a can, ideally - resistant acrylic enamel or paint on metal. Deciding to use a brush, you have to choose it very carefully, otherwise the paint will fall unevenly, especially in the absence of skills.


  1. Align with roughness and chipping, remove rust. Slightly sand the entire surface in order to get rid of the gloss.
  2. We wipe the fridge, getting rid of particles of peeled paint.
  3. Degrease the surface with an alcohol solution.
  4. We glue a compartment for storing products with a film, fasten the masking tape on those areas that are not subject to painting.
  5. To avoid accidental staining, cover nearby objects and cover the floor.
  6. Shake the can, apply paint evenly.

Little tricks:

  • Regardless of the method of painting the paint should be applied in a thin layer. Having waited for drying of the first layer, it is possible to put the second and even the third.
  • Reduce the paint consumption, increase its resistance and ease the application process will help primer.
  • Durability and moisture resistance of paint will become higher if after painting to coat the refrigerator with glossy varnish.

Art painting: when drawing skills are absent

You can decorate the fridge with mural elements with a brush in your hands. When creating complex drawings and ornaments without skills to paint can not do. Here it is better to turn to specialists.

A master class on painting on a fridge will help to master the technique of creating an openwork ornament, even to those who are not strong in drawing.

Artificial aging is a great idea for refreshing a refrigerator

A great design move - do not upgrade the fridge, but instead age it. Such an idea would be suitable for a kitchen furnished in a classic or vintage style; it will also be no less relevant for a room designed in a chebbi-chic or Provence style.

To give the fridge a touch of antiquity, turning it into a stylish chest of drawers, it is easy with the help of various elements of stucco decoration. For this you should stock up with moldings, which are decorative slats and various molded parts in the form of corners, monograms, crowns. Gypsum, wood and composites based on it, metal, polyurethane, foam plastic, plastic - these are the main materials from which modern decor is made.

For work you will need:

  • decorative items that match the style of the kitchen;
  • glue for metal;
  • adhesive primer;
  • chalk paint in white and primary colors;
  • brushes for painting and waxing: 2 round and 1 flat;
  • colorless and dark wax (the latter can be replaced by colorless, mixing it with brown paint);
  • Painting tape, film, skins, napkins;
  • Suitable tool for trimming moldings.

The procedure for aging the refrigerator:

  1. Sand the surface of the refrigerator and degrease it.
  2. Come up with a decor option, trim and fit the decorative elements and glue them to the right place.
  3. Double dye the refrigerator with white paint, allowing to dry each layer.
  4. To apply in one layer the paint of the main color with cross movements, this is how the effect of wear will be created. It is also necessary to paint over pens and decorative elements.
  5. Cover decorative elements with colorless wax. After drying, remove excess with a cloth. And cover the same places with dark wax.
  6. Treat the previously painted surface of the refrigerator with colorless wax, removing the excess at the end of the work.

Important stuff

Before waxing decorative elements, they can be painted with gilding, silver paint, copper or bronze.If desired, it is easy to adjust the shade of the elements coated with dark wax. To do this, dilute it with colorless enough.

This is the process of aging is over. It remains only to admire the result.

How to use to update the refrigerator, everyone decides for himself. Taking the proposed ideas as a basis, it is easy to come up with your own design variant.


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