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New season “Be yourself” starts in Samara

You are constantly developing and you already know so much that you are ready to teach anyone? It's time to make a statement. Send an application for participation and create a unique business project with your philosophy.

The new season of the reality project “Be Yourself” starts. In September, the girls will have a great opportunity to work on themselves in several directions at once and create the business of their dreams.

The organizers gathered in one place at one time the best experts of our city who will help the heroines to realize themselves in their project:

- Elena Yashina - a specialist in personal branding,

- Konstantin Lisetsky - a psychologist

- Natalia Vikhanova - business coach,

- Evgeny Korolev - business consultant

- Vyacheslav Yablokov - lawyer

- Maria Kartasheva - female trainer, sexologist,

- Anastasia Reznikova - an expert on writing texts,

- Irina Uchava - image maker,

- Julia Zaloznaya - photoposing expert,

- Efim Prosvirin- functional training coach.

The first part of the path of the project participants is devoted to the study of themselves. Mentors will help to identify broken installations, ulterior motives of behavior, to know their strengths and areas of activity where you can become successful. They will also tell you how to pack an idea into a working business model. The final part of the show includes working with the image-maker and preparing for the presentation of their projects.

“Be yourself” is a great opportunity to express yourself and your business in front of speakers, media representatives, the team and guests of the show. These are new partners and like-minded people, first customers and fans of your business. This is a sure start for the realization of oneself in a new business with its own philosophy. We are sure that a business in which the soul is invested, energy and desire to share with the world is doomed to success.

Details - be on the site2. rf

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Project partners: Woman’s Day website, Samara-GIS channel, Fashion Collection magazine, Novoe Radio, Redden printing house.


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