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New year: what to give dad?

New Year - perhaps the most family holiday. Since childhood, we remember the Christmas tree, garlands, a festive dinner and lovingly selected gifts from parents. And now, when we have grown up and can ourselves give them a gift, I really want to choose something really necessary, touching and symbolizing our feelings for parents. It is always easier for women to pick up gifts, but problems can arise with the male half. Let's figure out what to give dad.

For the new year, it is not customary to give very expensive and very utilitarian things like household appliances or accessories for a car. The gift should be small, cozy, beautiful.

Gifts for Dad

On a cold winter evening, unwrapping the package with a gift, your father will surely be delighted with cozy warm pajamas, a fancy knit sweater or a soft warm scarf. You can give funny and comfortable slippers and a luxurious bathrobe.

If the house is quite spacious, you can purchase a rocking chair and a checkered rug to while away the evening, immersed in a cozy atmosphere.

If your father is a connoisseur of art, you can present a reproduction of a picture of his favorite artist or the original picture of a novice artist. When choosing such a gift, make sure that it fits to the interior of the apartment of the parents. And still there is an option to order a picture from a photo of the father.

It is easy and pleasant to choose a gift for a person who has a favorite hobby. You can donate innumerable useful things for a fisherman, hunter or summer resident. You can present not only useful equipment, but also luxury items - for example, an expensive flask with an engraving or a beautiful case for a gun.

For dad, who spends a lot of time at home, you can buy beautiful sets of board games. It can be chess, checkers and many modern games that you can play with the whole family.

Older people still consider the book one of the best gifts. The book of the favorite author in the gift edition is a very good gift option. You can also donate modern books: from collections of anecdotes to the latest books on political topics - depending on your father’s hobbies and tastes.

If your father works and tries to keep abreast of new products, you can safely give him electronics. After a little help from you, he will be happy to use a laptop or a good smartphone. Also working dads can give a leather briefcase or a folder for documents, an expensive fountain pen, a stylish diary and even a set of ties and cufflinks.

Not be superfluous and show attention to the health of the father. A good massager or a paid massage course is never superfluous. And if the father leads an active life, then you can donate and sports equipment, for example, high-quality skis, a bicycle or a treadmill.

Many middle-aged men enjoy collecting alcohol. Buy a bottle of expensive cognac or elite whiskey. A smoking father can give a noble pipe, a set of cigars or a cigarette case with an engraving.

If your father is slightly sentimental, a photo book is a great gift for him. Such a book can be ordered at a photo salon or on the website, collecting and issuing photos of your whole family in a cut of generations. From the parents and childhood of your father to photos of his children and grandchildren.This touching gift just can not like it. Another good option is an electronic photo frame in which photos of loved ones and relatives will be downloaded.

There are many options and comic gifts. For example, a mug with a funny inscription, a medal "the best dad" or an Oscar statuette.


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