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What guy should not be released in any case?

Mobile dating applications have made us bolder and more selective in choosing a partner: as soon as a potential candidate sees something that pushes him away, he can be removed from the accounts, reloaded the program and continue to search further. Did it do us any good? Of course, because now my mother’s appeal to hurry, because “lonely men are over,” has no meaning. And didn’t it harm us? Definitely, because we now view partners for dating as pictures in the social media feed - quickly, without wanting to know a person better or arrange a longer “check” for him. Perhaps men sin with this even more often than women, but the latter also occasionally refuse to give a potential candidate a second chance simply because ... he does not dress in the same way as her ex. And if you look from external signs to character, it turns out that all the most interesting lies here, namely those qualities that will say that in the future this guy will cope with the role of a loving partner better than his more stylish rival.In this material, we have collected 7 traits of a good man, on which you can temporarily stop searching (or forever?).

What guy should not be released in any case?

He is a really kind person. Without exaggeration

Not to be confused with the generous and gallant - these qualities can be ostentatious and “temporary”, especially when it comes to the prospect of dating just a few dates. Look at how good he is not to you, but to the people around him: his family, friends, your girlfriends, as well as waiters, parking attendants and all the random characters with whom he has contact in life - and draw conclusions.

He is working on himself

He works a lot - this is already good, and if he has managed to achieve professional success - even better. Find the patience to listen to his career biography, ask what he is proud of and how he sees himself in a few years. Calculate whether he is working on his appearance, you can by studying his old photos (social networks help you), but to understand whether he will work on relationships is the hardest, although if you are a curious person, you can check with him, from - for which his last relationship broke up and what conclusion he himself made from this gap.

What guy should not be released in any case?

He does not need “maintenance” at home.

Usually our girls like to postpone this check until the phase of serious relationships, and then in practice they realize that sushi on dates were delivered to the house, and the washing machine includes mom. Independent in everyday life and an organized guy usually gives the state of his apartment (but only if he does not live with his parents), namely the absence of dust on the windowsills, semi-finished products in the refrigerator and the phrase "To me once a week the cleaner comes."

He does not argue for the sake of principle

From trifles to views on international politics - he does not act in the style of "I'm a man, I need to know". You can support a well-reasoned conversation with him, and he tries to back his opinion with experience and reasoning, rather than with facts from Wikipedia and with the phrases "Well, what nonsense, here everything is clear".

What guy should not be released in any case?

He is interested in sports

No, only not in the style of "yes, that's with my friends on a surf ride in Bali last year", but in a serious way, with a rise at 9 am on Sunday for a jog or regular trips to the gym. What it says, you will probably guess yourself: firstly, he has the will, and secondly, he will still have a toned body at 35–40 years old, unlike most of his peers ...

He likes to spend time with your friends and family.

Congratulations, here you pulled out a lucky ticket: a man who gets a sincere pleasure from being in the company of people close to you is a rarity. And in the future, all the friends will envy you, because you are the only one who will not listen to barbs on the topic “All your friends are stupid” or “I am not interested in your company”, but will spend time with your loved ones without having to prioritize.


He has a lot of energy and he is able to distribute it correctly.

He is both a dreamer and a realist: he wants to make plans and is not against surprise, but at the same time he stands firmly on his feet. And in life he is both passionate and calm, that is, temperamental in the most pleasant moments and always fairly balanced and not aggressive in moments negative. With such a "regulated" person being close is a pleasure, because he knows how to dose emotions and choose them as outfits, always exclusively to the place.


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